Top 12+ Best GBA Emulators for PC & Android


Game Boy Advance is a handheld video game console which is developed of 32 bit architecture. It is manufactured by “Nintendo” also marketed by the same company, and GBA was released in the year 2001 in North America. The gameplay of this video game was considered to be the best in the 20s, and that is why gamers still miss it. The emulators of Game Boy Advance is an incredible tool to play the GBA games on PC or Android device.

In early time, GBA used to be the best choice to play when it comes to the game and even now it is. Now you don’t have to own GBA as you can play the Game Boy Advance games on your PC or Android device. All you need is an emulator to install and play the games on your selected device. But how to choose the best GBA Emulator? Well, that might be a bit tricky as there are lots of them available. And there’s a huge possibility that a bad emulator may damage your PC or Android device.

Well, you can rest assured as we will be providing you some of the best emulator options. You can use any of these emulators as they are stable and won’t harm your PC. These emulators have been tested properly, though there might be a few glitches in them you don’t have to worry as these are quite minor. Well, then proceed and check the list below.

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Top 12+ Best GBA Emulators for PC & Android:

1: GBA.emu

GBA.emu is perhaps the best GBA emulator and a version of Game Boy colour is also available to download. The free version of this file is available to download for Android device on Play Store. And it has tons of features to offer its user such as the emulator comes with quick save supports. Any user can use cheat codes to play the game to the next level. This emulator has the access to the hardware controls. GBA.emu is simply loaded with advanced features.

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2: GBA Emulator

GBA Emulator is an impressive tool by which you can play your favourite game. This emulator is available to download on Google Play store for free and no charges are included. It has tons of features such as cheats, fast forward functions and comes with customizable control layout. And it provides 100% of speed emulation which works even on old devices. GBA emulator also supports compressed file and several physical controller options.

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3: Emulator for GBA 2

Emulator for GBA 2 is among the most advanced emulator for any Android device. And if you are looking forward to using this emulator on a device like a tablet then it might be of no use. Easily save any game and load at any time you want to, by using this emulator for GBA 2 on your selected phone. It is designed very simple and easy to use its virtual keypads. This emulator support Gameshark cheat code, load and save state. And it also comes with support cable link emulator for two several via Wi-Fi.

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4: My Boy

My Boy is a Game Boy Advance emulator that works very fast. It comes with full-featured functions emulator which allows to runs your device any game of GBA on several Android phones. The best thing about this emulator is that it works on both Android and tablet devices. Talking about the features of My Boy emulator it works fast and saves your battery as much as possible. By using this emulator you can run even high games smoothly and it is many more features included which are countless.

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5: John GBA

Visit play store and download John GBA emulator for your Android device. This emulator targets at providing you an excellent GBA gameplay experience on your selected phone. And it is made possible with the help of using original GBA version perhaps used by the console at games, providing you with a better gaming experience. John GBA emulator also gives you the access to have controls on the screen and slow down or increase the speed of the game. Make the use of emulator without any ads interruption and it works offline mode.

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6: My Old Boy

When it comes to the emulator for Android My Old Boy is the right choice for you. It supports its full feature on any device and runs any Game Boy or Game Boy Color games. This emulator works fast even on tablet devices, save your favourite game progress and load to play next time. It features fast forward functions with 2X speed and depending on the hardware of your device it works 50 X times faster. My Old Boy gives you the access to use multiple cheats and includes tons more features.

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7:  Visual Boy Advance

Visual Boy Advance is popular and known for its full functional emulator features. It was first developed back in the year 2004 and after that many of the updated versions are out. When it comes to the compatibility it supports with GameBoy, GameBoy Color and the GameBoy Advance too. Speaking of the features of this emulator it has the ability to save the gameplay and export the save files into another emulator. Visual Boy Advance emulator is available to download for your PC.

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8: Boycott Advance

Boycott Advance is an excellent emulator for your PC to play GBA games. This tool is designed with the simple user interface and with limited features. And to work or support on your computer, it requires BIOS support in order to run several GBA roms. This emulator is available to download for free on a platform such as windows. It has a highly optimized CPU emulation. Boycott Advance brings to you full GBA video features that include rotation and scaling in its features.

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9: Higian

Higian has an excellent emulation of a Super Nintendo at present. It is an open source tool available to download for free on your windows. And this emulator has the ability to emulate all the game of Super Nintendo. It has the most advanced features among the whole list of the emulators available for PC. This emulator is also known for emulating the systems of the original Nintendo and it comes with point accuracy and the most advanced technology.

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10: mGBA

mGBA is a streamlined Game Boy emulator that is specially developed for the computer. It is considered as one of the best emulators for PC and is available to download for free. And this emulator comes with tons of features firstly it works fast and is made up of advanced technology. mGBA supports cheat codes and can override game and also enable the ROM patches. The process to use this emulator is easy and consists of large library games. It is very simple and easy to install this PC emulator and gives the permission to use the cheat codes.

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11: BatGBA

BatGBA is a powerful and simplest emulator developed for Game Boy Advance on the computer. And there are no complications in the settings of the emulator and is easy to handle. The file size of this emulator is less and is available to download for free. By installing and using BatGBA you can play all the games of GBA. It smoothly supports all the available game of GBA and is very easy to handle, with no complications.

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12: My GBA

By installing My GBA emulator on your Android device it is possible to play all the available Game Boy Advance game. In fact, it is a fully modified version of an open Gameboid source code and is the best option for you. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is transfer ROMs and either choose your phone storage or SD Card. Remember that to operate My GBA emulator ROMs should be in .gba or in the format of the zip files. This emulator is available to download for free at Google Play store and includes no charges.

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13: John GBA Lite

John GBA Lite emulator is an excellent emulator for your Android phone. And it features the original GBA engine and cheats which is free to download. With this emulator, you can use cheats and search for the game boy advance games in your SDCard or internal memory storage. It has tons of features and that includes virtual On-screen keypad along with zipped file support. John GBA emulator also comes with customizable keys, turbo buttons and screenshot along with Bluetooth and Dropbox support.

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Final Words:

These are the complete list of top 12+ Best GBA emulators for PC & Android available today to use. Now it is your decision whether you want to download these for your Android or PC. We strongly recommend you to try any of the above-mentioned emulations on your selected platforms of the device. Each of these emulators functions properly and is compatible with your Android phone and is available to download for free. So we hope that these were helpful to you and you are aware of any better emulator then do let us and others know about those.


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