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YouTube is a most known name among the online users, where they can watch most of the videos form any niches. As a video streaming server, there is no competition for YouTube. Millions of videos can be stream right from your Smartphone and PC. No doubt, YouTube is a huge server of entertainment and knowledge. Using the Smartphone, you might have installed YouTube app to stream videos of your interest on the go. Being a huge database of videos, you can watch a lot of music videos from this server. But cons is that you have to watch them online or even can’t listen to any music video in the background. Though, latest YouTube app allows its users to download videos and keep in the app itself for 30 days. Still, it is not enough for most of the YouTube users.

To make it perfect third-party developers come with a solution, where YouTube’s most wanted features are included. Well, here we are talking about the Modded YouTube app or OG YouTube app. This is an unofficial YouTube app that meant to offer all the useful features in YouTube app. So, if you fond of using YouTube app then you might love to know more about this app. After knowing all the features of this app, you might never use again the official YouTube app on your Android device. We will share with you a latest OG YouTube APK App Free Download link in this article.

Latest OG YouTube APK App Free Download 2019 for Android

OG YouTube is a modified Android exclusive YouTube app that can be downloaded on the most Android device. So, there is no OG YouTube for iOS/iPhone/iPad. This modified app is developed by the OgMods team. On the most Android device running on Android 4.1 or newer version install this app easily. This has millions of downloads, as this cracks most of the useful feature in YouTube app. Currently, OgYouTube V.3.5 is the latest version. To install this app you don’t need any root access to your Android device. Simply downloading from the below dropped link, you can install like any other apk installation procedure.

Latest OG YouTube V3.5 Features

Using official YouTube app, you might know that it doesn’t let you download the video as a complete video file to be used in other video players. The music video can be downloaded as popular music format (MP3) to listen to them offline. It has the ability to stream videos in the background, so without keeping the display on all the time music can be streamed. Definitely, these are the most important features that official YouTube version missing in its app. Well to know more about its feature let us see more in its feature details down below;

Background Playback:

We all YouTube users want to see background playback feature in the app. But waiting for it like waiting for a living dinosaur. YouTube official will never get background playback feature and this is why OGYouTube becomes handy. To listen to favorite music in YouTube app, you have to keep it in standby mode, whereas with OG YouTube lets you listen MV in the background. So, basically, you can make YouTube server as a music streaming portal.

Freedom to Download

Although, YouTube has enabled the download feature in their official app. You might know most of the videos can’t be downloaded with YouTube app and when you can download it is also valid for limited time. Also, you cant watch than in a separate video player. OGYouTube gives you the freedom to download any existing video from YouTube and let them watch in your favorite video players.

MP3 Download

When you have a limited internet connection then offline media is a good entertainer. Or if there is no internet connection online music is not even an option to listen to music. From the biggest MV database, you can download favorite music as mp3 format. So, you can download any of the music videos and listen to them offline.

HQ Video Download

We mentioned you can download video from YouTube. To be precise, it allows downloading videos with many available resolutions as you like. You can download videos from 144p to 4K. So, sometimes it also compared with the top YouTube downloader apps

No Ads

Every time you stream a video there are several ads pops-up. Well, in OG YouTube app, there is no Google Ads. So, you can watch YouTube videos without any annoying interruption. This is one of the most wanted features you can get as a YouTube frequent user opting to this modified app.

Intuitive and light

The app is quite intuitive and simple, which is almost similar to YouTube app. So, using this app for the first time you will feel like home. With extra added menu or features there is nothing hectic in this app. The app itself very light and even lighter than official YouTube app with around 42MB app size.

Improved Privacy

In usual YouTube app, the privacy of your YouTube access is not that safe at all. We meant to say, the second person can easily check your YouTube history. The improved privacy feature on OG YouTube let auto-remove recently viewed videos or history. You can also remove the feature that shows videos of your interest when somebody using your device or app.

So, these are a major feature you will be enjoying using OGYouTube apk on your device. The feature like Video/audio download, background playback, and ad-free YouTube experience makes it must have app over the official YouTube app. Now if you wishing to have this app on your device then let us show you how to download and install OG YouTube apk for Android.

How to Download OG YouTube APK App Free 2019 (Latest OGYouTube 12.10.60-3.5U App) for Android

OGYouTube APK is for Android user only or if using an iOS device then the followed steps are not for you. You are good to go with an Android device. This modified YouTube app is free to download and it is worth downloading on your device. You can also keep the official YouTube app after installing the OG_YouTube apk on the device.

  •  Click Here to download OG YouTube Latest V12.10.60-3.5U 2019

How to install OG YouTube APK on Android?

After downloading the OG YouTube v.12.10.60-3.5U apk file on your device you can easily install them with simple steps. if you don’t know common steps to install an apk file then here we can show you a tutorial or required steps for it. Follow the shown steps to install your downloaded OG_YouTube_APK on Android device.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

Before you step into further installation procedure, you need to allow permission for the Unknown source in your device Privacy and Security settings. Go to the main Settings menu and tap on Privacy and Security. Here you can see Unknown sources with a toggle button. Tap on the toggle button to enable third-party installation or allow apps installation, which are downloaded from third-party sources.

Step 2: Install OG YouTube APK on Android

  • If you downloaded the apk file from your Android device then find it in device storage. Basically, you can find it in browser directory the browser you used to t download  OG-YouTube-APK. Tap on the downloaded OG_YouTube_V.12.10.60-3.5U_APK file and allow further installation by tapping Install button.
  • Accept some the showing installation terms and give it a little time get installed.
  • You can see installation complete within a second. Go back to the app drawer and you can see installed OG YouTube is ready to be used.

OG YouTube APK FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ1: Is OG YouTube safe to use?

Ans: Yes, OG YouTube is completely safe to use on your Android device. As mentioned it has millions of download counts and the feedback are also positive.

FAQ2: My OG YouTube keep crashing?

Ans: The latest OG YouTube has fixed most of the bugs, which causes app crashes. We recommend to update with latest version 3.5 and if the issue still remains then try clearing the app data.

FAQ3: Why my OG YouTube app Background feature is not working?

Ans: After installing the app, you need to enable the feature. By default background, playback feature is turned off. To set it on, you need to go to the app settings, where you can see Enable Background Playback button. Tapping it, OG YouTube can play any video in the background. Most of the device works with it, so it should be an issue for a user.

FAQ4: Does is need Root access on my Android device?

Ans: No, without any root access you can download OG YouTube. Yes, you can also install it a rooted device but you don’t need to root your device to download and install.


For YouTube freak, OG YouTube is like a custom YouTube with added useful features. Features like background playback, audio/video download with various quality download options, ad-free YouTube access are very much needed features for any YouTube users. If you want the same feature then official YouTube app wouldn’t help at all. Hence, download the latest OG YouTube apk 2019 version free link for Android device and enjoy all the features mentioned to access huge database of entertainment.


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