Top 15 Best Games like Age of Empires for Android, Mac, iPhone


Most of the game lovers know that Age of Empires is a very interesting game which was officially released in 1997. This game comes with the real-time strategy based game which has a huge craze all over the world. But it has been found that some players getting bored in playing the same game for a long period of time. In that case, you need to find out the alternatives to change your taste in the gameplay. Depending on this situation, we are going to list out the top 15 best games like Age of Empires for Android, Mac, iPhone. In the Age of Empire game, you will get several ages with the history of ancient empires, the same will be the formula of the alternatives games with different gameplay. Just you need to follow the instructions and reach the goal to get the victory.

The games like the Age of Empires will change your taste but it will not change the genre of the games. So you just need to go through the perfect selection and grab it to the replace of Age of Empires. The collection of games we are going to list here is mixed with multiplayer as well as single player mode too. Moreover, they are able to play on PC, and smartphones too. This Age of Empires gave the players a total freedom to walk throughout the path and decide how they want to conquer the game world. The elements given on these alternative games are totally matched with your needs. So you can pick any one of them from the below list. Now we will show you the details of the game Age of Empires with its minimum system requirements to play easily. Besides that, the basic details of top 15 best games like Age of Empires for Android, Mac, iPhone will be given below.

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Game Details of Age of Empires:

  • Game Developer: Ensemble Studios, Big Huge Games, Robot Entertainment, Relic Entertainment, Hidden Path Entertainment (officially released in 1997)
  • Game Genres: Real-time Strategy
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Nintendo, N- Gage, PS4, XBox.
  • Game Mode: Single Player and Multi-Player.

Minimum System Requirements to play Age of Empires:

Read out the minimum system requirements to play Age of Empires.

  • Internet: Required up to some extent.
  • DirectX version: DirectX version 9 or upper.
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4/ Intel COre 2 Duo or upper.
  • Processor Speed: 1.6 GHz or more.
  • Free Hard Disk Space: Minumum 10 GB or more.
  • Ram Size: 1 GB or more.
  • Video Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce 6800, AMD Radeon X1300.

List of Top 15 Best Games Like Age of Empires for Android, Mac, iPhone

Hope you all have got the idea of how to play the Age of Empires game in your system. Moreover, we have already listed out the minimum system requirements to play this game on your system easily. So now we will list out the game details which are almost related to Age of Empires game. Without taking more time let us have a look at the top 15 best games like Age of Empires for Android, Mac, iPhone.

 Anno Online: 

Those players who want to play a real-time strategy game then Anno Online is there for you. This is basically an online browser-based game which you can run on any platform from the above option. Ubisoft is the original creator of this game which allows you to build the city including managing the economic processes too. One of the primary aims of the player in this game is to defend against the rivals then build and expand their country too. Rather than building your country from the base level, this game allows you other things like trade, diplomacy, exploration, and combat. Those who basically love to deal with economics they can be used to play this game as an excuse. Before completing their assignments they can be used to play it as for research purposes too. This if you are a perfect fan of Age of Empires and need an alternative to it then Anno Online can satisfy your needs too. Besides that many other games still available there for you in the points next to it given below.

Source: Official website

Age of Mythology: 

Age of Mythology is a related game to Age of Empires only. This game was created by Ensemble Studios which is based on mythological beliefs to make a spin-off series. Basically, the Age of Empires is a historical event based game but the Age of Mythology game placed in the Atlantis which only focuses on the Norse, Greek, Egyptian myths, and legends. But as like the game Age of Empires, the formula applied to managing the resources, building the army, civilization opposing have remained same like that game in Age of Mythology. In this game, the player needs to choose and then play from the list of three civilizations. The list of civilization is Norse, Egyptian, and Greek. From the above three, you need to select any one of the civilization to begin. All the civilizations having their own cultures as well as the religions too. Then you need to choose your main God which is based on your empire chose to get progress in next age. Then it will unlock the other minor gods and you will get the special abilities in all sense too.

Source: Steam

Rise of Nations: 

Big Huge Games has developed the Rise of Nations game with the 8 ages of world history and 18 civilizations too. According to the user i.e, the player reviews, this game is constantly ranked higher which is also considered as one of the best game ever in the segment of real-time strategy game. The main key element of the game Rise of Nations is only aimed at the concept of territory.  Here the place beside to the player’s settlements is only becoming their territory. Now the player can able to build up their own buildings inside their own territory and their friends too. Here the player needs to set up the aim to get advance and progress in the modern type ages. It will help you to gain the access to get better weapons and start to attack your opponents in the best way you can. Such that you can easily erase them permanently and conquered these enemies as well.Source: Steam

Starcraft 2: 

The newer version of the Starcraft series is Starcraft 2 which also comes under real strategy game. The developer of this game is Blizzard entertainment which got set according to the science fiction scene of the 26th century. The main focus of this game is based on a struggle which is galactic between the four variations of species in the domination of the universe. To give it a complete story, this game is divided into three parts. Therefore the developers have given a complete story tag in this game. Here, the player needs to choose any one of the three species available in the gameplay. The species are basically Terran, Zerg and Protoss. It also offers you a type of gameplay which is non-linear in general. The Protoss and Zerg have their own stories whether the ‘Wings of Liberty’ provide you the story of the species Terran. In this gameplay, you need to build up with the best strategy for surviving on this war. Thus you need to keep on the best control in your units.

Source: Official website

Empire Earth:

As similar to the Age of Empire game, the Empire earth is also a history-based game. This game also comes under the real strategy category which is built up depending on the world history of 500,000 years. Starting from the pre-historic age, this game looks upon all the things and thus ends on the nano recent ages. In this game, the players have to grab all the resources and built the building to populate their own civilizations by acquiring citizens. You can also conquer the opposite civilizations too. Moreover, you can get the map editor which is available for every player to built or create the empires for their own. They can also choose their own design with the way they want. The one of the innovative and unique thing in this gameplay is Morale system. This is one system which effects nearby units too. Secondly, you will get another statistics in this game is Hero system. This system can able to build up in capital or town. Here you will get two different types of heroes. They are the strategist who only heals the surrounding units and the enemy can demoralize. On the other area, the Warrior provide the morale in the surrounding to influence the great attacking power.        Source: Microsoft

Command and Conquer: 

On the basis of Westwood’s strategy ga,e Dune 2, Command and Conquer is built up. The most important thing which you need to focus in this game is to keep focus in the various campaigns within a single storyline only. This game also comes under military strategy based game with the elements of MMO too. At first, the players need to choose their sector which is perfect for them and they start to build up their military base in their own way. In this game, you can also able to get the chance to construct the buildings, gather the resources and then start to get into battles for killing the enemies. Thus it will help you to survive in a better way you can. In this way, you can choose this game as the best alternative to the Age of Empires at all. Try this game once and feel the gameplay experience by any chance in your system.

Source: Official website


Another free playing game based on real-time strategy is Empire. This is a very interesting multiplayer game which is having online game based elements in it. Starting from the ground up the part you need to build up your Empire where the Good Game Studios set this game in the medieval age. The enemy or the opponent players always think twice before starting to attack due to the power of the main player. After that the aim of the main player us to build the castles, conquer with the enemies, raise the armies and then start to trade with other players. To get the full success, you need to build up your own position and apply the best techniques at all.

Source: Official website

Warcraft 3: 

One of the best fantasy based game related to Age of Empires is Warcraft 3. This game was developed by Blizzard Entertainment which is a multiplayer game too. You will get an extensive type of story campaign on this gameplay. This game system has a huge field and contains beautiful mountains, cliffs, rivers, and mountains too. To get the useful resources, the players need to build some settlements too. It helps you to defend other players you need to explore more on the map. The main resources which you will find in this game are food, lumber, gold to build up to combat units and construct buildings too. That is why it is better to choose the Warcraft game in substitute to the Age of Empires game.

Source: Official website


Those players who want to fight in the resourceful planets then Etherium is the best game for you all. It has a lot of deposits with etherium which is a most powerful and needful resource at all. This resource is required by every warrior in need and deed. The etherium game was first developed by the Tindalos Interactive and have the features to play both single player and multiplayer version too. Here players can able to take the control over any empires and grab the precious resource i.e, the etherium. Now it becomes more easy for them, to build up their own empire and become most powerful in this world. Thus we can say that those who are Age of Empires fan, they can surely choose this game to get the extra experience from them at all. So once try this game once and also recommend it to others too.

Source: Steam

The Settlers online: 

The Settlers online game is a real strategy based browser game which was developed by Blue Bite by getting inspired by Age of Empires. In this game, you will get more improvements and additional features as well. It also has a world where players will collect the resources and thus complete the whole mission accordingly. Here you need to build up the resourceful kingdom and explore more too. This game consists of the MMO elements which was inspired again by the Settlers as an online realistic based game. Besides that, you can explore many levels and content in this game by facing the wars and rivals with others in this game world. Try to complete each level and grab the levels by facing the war between you and other opponent players.

Source: Steam


Player can experience a space-related gameplay through the Homeworld game. This game is the best alternative to the Age of Empires game but you can grab different experience through this game. You can also call this game as a real-time strategy based game at all. In this game, the main story is that when the home planet get destroyed after that the race Kushan get exiled permanently from planet name Kharak. It gets destroyed by the foes named Taiidan Empire for developing the technology named hyperspace jump. Now you work should be to grab all the needful resources, build up the fleets and thus it will help you to destroy the enemy ships at all. All the mission also get accomplish using the same thing only. This game supports to play in single player as well as multiplayer mode too. Here, the single-player mode also divided into three levels according to their story campaign. Besides that, all the 16 levels of this game offers are very much interesting to play.Source: Steam

Stronghold Crusader: 

As like the initial version of Stronghold Crusader game, this version also provides you the same gameplay pattern only. In this game, the Crusader get set in the Middle East, when the Crusades featuring you the new unit of Arabian. Now the farm can able to build up at the limited oasis grass due to the setting of Middle-East. After that, the rival get started among the players to grab the limited amount of resources and farming land too. Rather than these lands, you can also go to gather up the other kinds of resources too. These resources are like marshes, quarry, and iron ore. Now the resources remain deposited in their reservoirs and you as a player need to use or sell these stock resources to defeat the enemies or get more defense power too. So once you will install this game on your system and you will get the most different types of gameplay world to explore here.

Source: Steam

Mega Glest:

Another free playing fantasy world set up based game is  Mega Glest. This is an open source based which comes under the real-time strategy category too. Now the game will be set up and you will get total 7 factions here. They are Romans, Persian, Norsemen, Egypt, Indians, Tech and Magic too. All these seven factions in together known as ‘Megapack’. All these factions have come with their own unit sets, upgrades, buildings, cons and pros too. To make some of the variations in the game strategy, you need to mesh and mix some of the different elements here. It also helps you all to keep your gameplay more balanced in the best way. As you can able to mod the game setup engine easily, this game can able to played with the variety of player created mods and conversations too. Moreover, you can apply the various themes in this game to get the best look ever.

Source: Steam

Age of Wonders 3: 

Another fantasy world game is Wonders Warriors. This game is almost same as the Age of Empires where the player needs to be the leader of your Kingdom. While you will start to interact with the other kingdoms, you can explore the whole world in the best way. To lead the kingdom properly, you need to tackle the various situations in this game either warfare or diplomatically. When you will enter into the gameplay, you have to explore more in the world map of the game. So it becomes easy for you to build up the empire via colonization. In this game, you will get both local and online multiplayer game mode to play the extensive level of this game. So try once to play this game on your system and explore the whole story of this game.

Source: Steam

0 AD: 

Another cross-platform based real strategy game is 0 AD  which is developed by Wildfire Games. This game is a real-strategy game and gets supported on many platforms as well. One thing we want to tell your first that this game is still under construction or development in several aspects. In the first part, you will get set the game between the 500B.C and 1B.C. After that, the second part of this game will be from 1A.D to 500 A.D. Initially this game allows the player to built up the main base and then train their own army too. This game also offers you to featuring the elements of the technology and combat in the game. It also offers you 12 nos. of various civilizations and each of them gives their best. The phases of the game also represent you the total size of the settlements in this game history.

Source: Official website


Finally, we want to tell you that these all are the top 15 best games like Age of Empires for Android, Mac, iPhone. If you find that Age of Empires getting bored after playing for a long period of time, then you can choose any one of the alternatives from them. These 15 games are the alternatives to the fans of Age of Empires. So, the player can choose their best one of their taste from the list given. As we also know that there are many other alternatives present in the web to this game. So, if you find any of those are matching your needs then you can also opt them out. the decision is totally upon you that which one you will select for your need. You can share these games with your friends and recommend them to try these out in their system too.               


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