Top 15 Best Games Like Huniepop You Can Play on Windows & Mac


Talking about the best puzzle game for PC, Huniepop is probably the first game that comes to our mind. It provides you the full satisfaction in terms of playing the puzzle games ever. The game basically runs on platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. But rather than that if you want to play the relative games like Huniepop then this detailed guide will surely help you out. Here, we are going to list out the top 15 Best Games like Huniepop to play on your PC. This game can give you full enjoyment hours after hours to pass your free times easily. But playing a single game for a long time it makes us bored and frustrated too. So, it is very important to play something new rather than playing a single game for a long period of time. There is plenty of game available on the web for you all.

But choosing the perfect one is quite a tough job which can not be done by many players in general. There are basically many players present who have a different taste in terms of games. So, that we have collected the resources of various games depending on player needs in every segment. All the below-described games are the alternatives of Huniepop and you can choose any one of them as you wish. As Huniepop provides you the visual satisfaction and all, similarly other puzzle games mentioned below will also fulfill the same with their surprising gameplay and activity. Pick and try any one of the selected games from below and explore the main resource from them totally. So, without taking more time let us have a look at the list of top 15 Best Games like Huniepop which you may try and also download in your system for complete their series.

Here we also shared some games like Age of Empires to play, if you like them then you can try those games one by one.

Game Details of Huniepop:

From the below points, you will get know about the basic game detail of Huniepop.

Game genre: Single Player mode tile matching game.
Developer: HuniePot.
Designer: Ryan Koons.
Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Macintosh Operating system.

System Requirements for the Puzzle Game Huniepop:

It is very important to know about the minimum system requirements before playing the Huniepop game.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows (Minimum XP or higher), Mac OS, Linux.
Processor:  Intel Core i3 or more.
Processor Speed: 1.2 GHz or upper.
RAM Size: 2GB or upper.
Hard Disk Drive free space: 1GB or more.
Video or Graphic Card: Nvidia Gforce or any other with DirectX 9 compatible.
Direct X version: DirectX 9 or higher version.

List of  Top 15 Best Games Like Huniepop You Can Play:

Mystic Messenger:

If we talk about one of the best games like Huniepop then Mystic messenger is one of the best game for you. The game has been specially designed for female players but can be played by others too. This game was developed and released in 2017 for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you will find excellent romance during gameplay where you can able to change the rame of the girl characters too. After that, at the same time, she will decide to download some other applications and meet with new six peoples. The main character will now start to romance with the other characters such as the truth behind everything will come in front of her. So this game is too much interesting if you start to play this game once on your Android or iOS device. If you once complete your mission then there are rewards available to you for sure at every stage of this game.

Available on: Steam | Playstation | Microsoft | Android | iOS

Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars:

Similarly like Huniepop, Conception2: Children of the Seven  Stars is also considered as the same properties based game like Huniepop. This game provides you the excellent gameplay with a variety of role. This game is supported on a multi platform area like Nintendo, Play Station 4, Windows, Steam. The game was first developed and released in 2013 by Spike Chunsoft in 2016 worldwide. But one thing is that you can only play single-player in this game.  This game consists of the students of the schools that give the possibility to get more peoples to like them. All around the game is to play with your classmates and explore the new things in it. One interesting thing about this game is that you need to wake up and then decide to enter the school. After that teaches others that how to fight and kill the demons. This game has various parts. So you need to complete one after another to get play the whole series eventually. You can choose this game definitely as the alternative to Huniepop.

Available on: Steam | Nintendo

Kamidori Alchemy Meister:

The Kamidori Alchemy Meister is considered as the adult novel type game in fantastic dating simulation. However, this game is almost like the Huniepop game which we want to mention first. At every level of this game, we get excellent fantasies and explore more in it. This game is all about an orphan boy who basically want to become an alchemist. The name of this boy is Kamidori who is training very hard to become the best alchemist. In this game, you will see a lot of adventures and rewards are waiting for him. There you need to get progress one stage after another to reach the main goal. After a period of time, you will get company from three girls and they will help you a lot in this game. Through the gameplay, you can choose the play in few other directions. It is totally upon you that which girl you want to choose for your need. This game is supported for the Windows PC only. So you can not able run this game on other other devices rather than PC.

Available on: Official Website

Sengoku Rance:

No need to look anywhere else and install Sengoku Rance game to get the similar enjoyment like Huniepop. We hope that this game will be the perfect choice for you all. This game is a type of dating simulation where you will get some comical moments to enjoy it.  There is a ruthless and rude warrior present in this game which is named as Rance. This is the main character of this game. Thus you will find this game to play more fantastic than others. The main character of this game is something different from the usual one character. So, you will not get avenged by anyone. But they will try to kill the opponent enemies due to rage. Make sure that there is no any melodrama involved in it. The overall graphic of this game is very good and get the adult novel at first. So this game will provide you the best motivation in all parts, especially for the serious players. So feel free to download this particular game which comes with lots of fun and various comical moments to enjoy at all.

Available on: Official Website


Due to Roommates falls in the same category thus this an alternative of Hunipop game. This game provides you the best visual experience with good graphics and all. This is a novel based game which you can able to play on the various mobile platforms. This game is also a single-player game and you will get two characters at first. You need to choose Mane or Anne from the two character depending on your gender and then start to play on your device. After that, another character is Max, who is the guitarist in the college and a guy name Rebel. On the other way, Anne is a shy girl but she is very much studious at all. The beginning of this game is from college and you need are required to share the house. This is a very interesting game as it follows the rules and patterns which we find in our real life too. Besides these experience, you will also get the virtual romance in this game only.

Available on: Steam | Android 

Sakura Spirit:

Sekai Project was first developed by Sekai project in2014. By getting inspired from the Huniepop game, this Sakura Spirit video game is introduced for all. Those who want to play the alternatives of Huniepop then this is the best option for you all. This is a single player based video game which is based on the novel and focused on the market of English speaking. You can play this game basically on two platforms. They are Microsoft Windows and Linux. The main story built up in this game is about a boy who is 17 years old only. To represent Japan, he gets aspired and wants to become a judo contender. When you start playing this game you need to visit a temple and grab the spiritual powers to increase strengths and good luck too. In this gameplay, you will find some fox girls who r residing there and get mistrusted by the human beings. Boys generally started to pass the time with those fox girls. This game is available for the Windows and Linus based systems only. The overall game is well constructed and you need to give the effort to remove the wall between two different cultures.

Available on: Steam

Yandere Simulator:

Yandere Simulator is a secrecy game which also consists of craziness and obsession too. In this game, you need to play a role of a school girl who needs to perform various tasks here. She needs to get obsessed with her classmates and prevent the other girls try to form a relationship with her crush. This is a type of single-player video game which was developed bu Yandere Dev. By any mean, you need to complete the mission of this game to achieve success. In this game the main player need to use a plenty of methods starting from placid to aggressive by properly maintaining the security. Maintaining the good reputation in the gameplay is important for the girl and make a trust among other girls too. The Yandere Simulator is available to play in the Windows PC and not in other devices. So those who want simple alternatives to Huniepop and this is a good game for the player, especially for girls.

Available on: Official Website


Nekopara is an alternative game of Huniepop which is developed by Sayori. This is a series which consists of the erotic features and was released in Dec. 2014. In this game, humans need to live along with the cat girls who called “Nekos”. Thescatgirlsls has the capability to turn themselves as pets such that nobody can recognize them easily. The original or the primary character of this game tries to adopt the cats in anyhow. Then tries to get them away with their family who wants to open one bakery for them. But the cats want to sneak away from him.  For opening a successful business, it is important to keep patients at all. Finally, the latest version of this game was launched in 2017 and taken by millions of players until now. One good thing present in this game is that it is supported in multi platform-based devices. you can run this game on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 too. So try to play this game and experience the best features of this game in real life.

Available on: Steam

Kitty’s Power Matchmaker:

Kitty’s Power Matchmaker is another alternative to Huniepop. In 2014, this game was published by the Mastertronic group and developed by Magic Nation. You can categorize this game in a puzzle based group where everything is all about matchmaking. Matchmaking is your job in this game. Initially, you need to find out the 2 peoples who are a great match. Also, they can able to share one’s data of the character to other. Moreover, customization is also quite easy. Try to match the two peoples who are perfect or with each other and has the same taste in nature. Thus start by arranging a date between them. The restaurants available for them to date and you need to guide for more. We already informed you that the game’s available for Android as well as for iOS so feel free to play this game according to your device.

Available on: Steam | PlaystationAndroid | iOS

Dandelion- Wishes brought to you:

As like the other matching or puzzle games, Dandelion is a good option for you. This game is also considered as a simulation based game which is very much interesting to play at all. The main character of this game is a girl. She goes to have a date with other five guys. Besides that, she is a very busy girl who does not have any time for herself ever. Thus she is no happier in her life and always she goes to find the perfect matches. One fine thing is that a day came where she finds five rabbits and cats in a basket and after some time they turned into guys. More surprising things are awaiting you all which you will find in this game after playing. This is a PC game which is not supported in other platform or system. Once you need to install this game and try to explore the interesting things in it.

Available on: Steam

The Flower Shop:

From the name of this game it is clear that the game is nearly about something with flowers. So this is also a game which is developed by Winter wolves in related to Huniepop. This game was officially released in the year 2010. The developer finds this game very much interesting for players as the game is almost like Hunie pop only. So instead of using the Huniepop, you can choose the Flower shop also. This game is compatible and can easily run on iOS,  Android, Linux, and Windows too. But you can play it in only single-player mode. This game also comes with the combination of farming and visual novel based mini-game. In this game, you will get many characters which you need to choose to get begin in the game world in all way. Those who need to changes their taste and want some new game as like in substitute to Huniepop then this is one of the best options for you.

Available on: Steam

Shira Oka-Second Chances:

If you are feeling bored in playing the Hunipop hame then give a try to the Shira Oka game once. This is a very interesting game like other puzzles which come with the different approach in-game world. In this game, you will get a plot of a high school which makes the whole game more refreshing and explorable. Basically, this is an adult based game which contains visual novel and the character belongs to it are humans only. You need to play a role and enjoy the world of the game in a better way.  In between, there are many small or mini-games available to cross the levels which is also very interesting to play at all. It is a very straightforward game which will always keep you to keep yourself busy in your free time. Moreover, you can only use this game on your Windows PC and not on other devices. So we hope this is common to all that Windows OS is installed on maximum players PC who loves to play games as always.

Available on: Official Website

Celestial Crossing:

Another visual novel game is Celestial Crossing which is almost like Huniepop only. Among users or players, this game became more popular now a day. In this game, enjoying some reality-based projection and fantasies is available. According to the game, at the initial stage, you are too much weak. Now you need to work hard and grab the pints to increase the power. At the goal, you become more intelligent in terms of character and became more healthy too. You will play the character of Hikaru, a high school student who loves’s playing games that are favorable to him in all night. But he generally used to sleep at all the daytime. The game avatar came on his room as one day two worlds collided. The Avatar started to give him the concepts of the world by the gameplay that is quite good and exciting enough. Only you can play this game on your PC. So it is not supported in any smartphone platform.

Available on: Steam

Little Witch Romanesque:

Little Witch Romanesque is a  mini-games collection which is quite strategic and you will enjoy in all way. This game comes in terms of the Japanese version and considers as the best replacement of Huniepop game. The version of this game was first released in 2005. When you will install this game then it will give a very beautiful story to you all. Basically, at first, you will find two witches to whom you need to train at the beginning. New skills should be delivered to them and get ready to give some of the tasks to them to complete. Some of the adult scenes may display in between the game which you need to skip from the young ages. This game is available to install on multi-platform like Android, PC, and iOS too.

Available on: Steam | Official Website

C14 Dating:

Excellent dating and simulation game is C14 which is also the best alternative to the Huniepop game. This game combines with archaeology, Love, friendship and more. The main and the primary character of this game os Melissa Flore. She studied anthropology in the summertime internship. This program goes in Belgium which is out of comfort zone that is why she become unfamiliar too. You need to follow the pieces of information and guidelines provided on the game screen to get the friend request and make friends with some romances. This game is available for the Windows, Mac, and Linux system too. So try to install this game if you want the alternatives of Huniepop game.

Available on: SteamAndroid


Finally, we want to tell you that these are the total top 15 games like Huniepop. If you think that you need to grab some alternatives to Huniepop then these are the best option for you all. Among the above 15 games, you can choose any one according to your needs and explore the real experience by installing on your device. Besides these game, there are more items available which you can also try definitely. But the toughest work is to choose the right one for your need. Depending on this situation we have put those 15 games for you all. You can also try them in your system and if you feel good then also share these games with your friends and other known gamers too. So feel free to download the games and try them if you feel bored with playing the Huniepop game for a long period of time. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you.


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