Top 15 Games Like Myst | Alternatives of MYST Game


Myst is beautifully designed game by the two brothers Rand Miller and Robyn, whereas the game was developed by Cyan, Inc., This game was firstly released for Macintosh platform. This is a puzzled graphic adventure game, which can be played in Single-player mode only. Using a special book you play the role of stranger in this game you travel the to the island named Myst. All you need to solve the puzzles to make it on your way to other world known as Ages. Depending on your game course of action the ending might vary or might take several endings. The game has received the remarkable mark of success in the 90s and yes, there are still many gamers love to enjoy playing Myst.

Yes, this classic game you can play this game on your Mac OS, PlayStation, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Android, iOS, Windows etc. Coming to the 21st century, there are a lot of options that match the level of Myst game. If puzzle game like Myst is your taste then, fortunately, you can try out some of Myst alternative games. We are going to share with Top 15 Games Like Myst. So, your search of the puzzle graphic game to play on your PC and Smartphone then you might like to know some of the games that resemble Myst game. Each of these adventurous games offers unique fun in your gaming experience. Hence, find out the best gameplay from the given list and interact with the world of adventure and puzzle.

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Myst Game Details

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Xbox One/360, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3/4/Vita, Nintendo 3DS/Switch, Atari Jaguar CD, CD-i, 3DO, AmigaOS, Saturn.
Genre: Graphic Adventure, Puzzle.
Modes: Single-Player.
Publisher: Brøderbund

Minimum Terraria System Requirements [PC]

  • CPU:  Pentium 111 or Athlon with 700 GHz or higher.
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
  • RAM: 128MB or higher (for Windows XP 256MB)
  • Video Card: GeForce/Radeon 32MB and DirectX 9 card.
  • Free Disk Space: 3GB for minimal install and 8GB for full install.
  • Sound Card: Yes.

Top 15 Games Like Myst | 15 Myst Alternatives Game Download

Gray Matter

Gray Matter is a great option as a Myst game alternative. This game can be played on Windows and Xbox 360 Console. Gray Matter game is developed by Wizard and Spiders. This game has been around since 1993 under the banner of dtp entertainment. This also point-and-click game like Myst; playing the game soon you will notice the similarity in the game. All you need to follow magician called Samantha and a street performer called prof. David Styles. Yes, there will be more people in the game character in your group. With them, you have to explore the hints of a mysterious mansion. Due to its unfold story like Myst and the usual puzzle graphic story line makes it fun at every level of the game.

Available on: Steam | Microsoft


This is another adventure game of the mysterious world. It is a point-and-click puzzle game like Myst that is playable on most platforms like Linux, Mac OS, Windows. So, if you have any PC running on this platform then you can download and play this game. Also, this game like Myst can be download and play on your Android and iOS device. This game come at a cost but still worth every penny if you are in search of any Myst similar game. The game consists many mind vending riddles, which are brain teaser as well. With the unique story of adventurous puzzle game can be a good time for classic game players. The word free mysterious world makes it totally unique as this has no hint system.

Available on: Steam | Microsoft | Playstation

The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour

The name might be hard to remember but you should take a look at this game. It has the best enjoyable graphics to play on your PC and Mac product. For iOS users, this also can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Unlike Myst, this also come with many puzzles objectives in every level. Upgrading to a new level it leads you to the harder riddle that even increase your excitement to this game. This is why it makes itself to the list of Games like Myst and it is one of the best out there. As said before this game can be played on your iPhone or iPad download from App Store. Also, note that it is a paid version game that cost you $6.99. Don’t worry if you are one kind of gamers then you should not worry about this game, as this one of the top paid games in App Store.

Available on: Steam

The Secret of Grisly Manor

Another Myst alternative game but this time for both Android and iOS users. So, an Android and iOS user easily can download The Secret of Grisly Manor from Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. This is a paid game but that comes at a little cost only ($0.99). The Secret of Grisly Manor is developed by Fire Maple Games. This has very amazing hand-painted graphics to take you to the mesmerizing adventure. As this is a good Myst alternative, here you can find a lot of interesting puzzle and riddles to solve. In Grisly Manor you have to explore all the things cracking all the puzzle at every level. A unique type of soundtrack in every level also makes it a good adventure game to play.

Available on: Android

Axel & Pixel

Axel & Pixel is a point-and-click game like Myst or you can say it an adventure puzzle game. Initially, the game was released in 2009 for Xbox users, which is developed by Silver Wish Games. Later after its success, it has had launched for Windows PC as well in the year of 2010. So, if you have an Xbox or Windows PC then you must try out. In this game also pack with a mesmerizing graphics and with an obvious mind vending puzzle. Its riddles at every level to make each level interesting to play and give you the challenge everytime you play. This game is recommended for gamers those who love to play adventurous puzzle game. In this adventure, all you need to point-and-click, where you need to show you intelligence cracking some logical problems and its answer.

Available on: Steam


Here is another video game which is developed by Cyan World and published by Red Orb Entertainment. This game is downloadable on the platform like Mac OS, Sega Sentrum, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and Smartphone devices running on Android and iOS. So, it is a nice option for the gamers who also looking for Myst alternative on their Smartphone. Well, this game is same another game like Myst as because this game comes under the same banner. Riven is a sequel to Myst game, so if you liking the gameplay of Myst then you will never get bored of this game too. The gameplay is the mixture of adventure and puzzle problem, where you need to solve all problems to make it to the next level. Hence, if you have not played it yet then download it to your Mac, PC and Smartphone.

Available on: Steam | iOS


This is a new video game, which was released for Windows PC user in 2016. Later it becomes available for both MacOS and PlayStation 4. The game is published and developed by Cyan Worlds. This is again a good Myst alternative that you can play on your PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 console. The gameplay is almost same as Myst, which is single-player, puzzle and adventure game. In the game, you must have to explore and solve puzzles to figure out your way to home. Because you will be in the world of alien but with human things and riddles you can explore your own way to make it to your home. The game played out as a form of Adventure game from the first-person perspective.

Available on: SteamPlaystation | Official Website


If you really looking for an adventure puzzle game then you should download because this game is for the adventure puzzle freak gamers. For this game, you would be spending at least $5.99 making it an exclusive games for the genius adventurer. This game called realMyst is published by Noodlecake Studio Inc. The game can download this game on most platforms like Myst. This is interesting to know that it is a remake of real Myst game. Making it real-time 3D initially for Windows and MacOS, it had become popular among the Myst series lovers.  The gameplay pretty much same as Myst, where you need to find the right way to your home by cracking every riddle. So, download this amazing mind vending game on your supported device now which deliver a mesmerizing 3D graphics.

Available on: Steam | Android | iOS

Longest Journey

The Longest Journey is a point-and-click adventure video game developed by Funcom. This can be download on Microsoft Windows and iOS devices. So, PC user and iPhone/iPad device user can enjoy this amazing world in the game. This is a classic game matching the storyline of popular comic The Longest Journey. It consists a mysterious journey with point-and-click interaction. You need to interact with objects found on your adventure and need to solve puzzles. It can be played as a single player mode. It is recommended for Myst game lover that is why it is a good alternative to this game.  So by downloading the game you can enjoy the parallel universe of magic-dominated Arcadia and industrial Stark.

Available on: Steam | Microsoft

Rescue the Enchanter

This game is for Android and iOS device owner, you can download it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. Yes, this also a great similar to Myst game. Rescue the Enchanter comes under the banner of Syntaxity Inc. It has really cool custom designed beautiful high definition graphics. As this is an adventure in a parallel universe, all you need to explore this virtual world. You need to crack all its puzzle finding all the clues in the game. Every level of this game comes with increased difficulty to solve the puzzle. Hence, it makes a perfect time killer in your boring time and as it is a point-and-click this can be a great joy if you already loved playing Myst.

Available on: Android


Panmorphia is a point-and-click puzzle adventure game that is published by LKMAD. This game is paid so make sure if you really love playing this class of game. This can be downloaded for both Android and iOS device in its respective app stores. It has a beautiful world to discover that comes with a unique perspective. Integrated navigation makes easier to explore more hidden hints and solve objectives. As this match the genre with Myst, you must try downloading this game on your Smartphone device. You can change modes to easy mode to sharpen your skill at a specific level. Its original sound effect and quality soundtrack give an immersive gaming experience.

Available on: Android

Cryptic Keep

This is another game like Myst but come with a unique perspective. Cryptic Keep is published by 3D Methods, which is again a point and click class of game. This is a paid game to play on your Smartphone such as Android and iOS platforms. However, the cost a little $0.99 that worth every penny. The game is to explore an ancient castle by solving mysterious puzzles. To make yourself to the deeper knowledge of ancient castle. Everything lies in an unknown place while cracking its riddle you have to find out Sword of Ire and this is the key to getting an entry. This game has over 75 individually crafted scenes which are captured by the beautiful and detailed universe. Download it right now to enjoy this game in replacement of Myst game.

Available on: iOS

Riddle Quest

This game is to make yourself busy in your boring time with its riddle to solve. The game basically matches the storyline of Myst. Interestingly, it comes with a great 3D animation graphics making it great to play. It consists the mysterious environment giving you excitement every moment. In the riddle quest of Nahala, your journey is to make your way to a Claustrophobic room.  Leaving you in a dark room, you need to solve all the riddles to find a way. Its original like sound effect and 3D graphics make it totally one of the cool experiences to play the game. This game won the best designed mobile app and also was nominated for the best mobile game of 2017.

Available on: iOS

The Room

This is a puzzle game for Android and iOS user, which is published by Fireproof Games. The Room is a paid game but it cost just little buck only. So, if you really love puzzle game then it should be a great try for you as a Myst alternative. The game story is quite simple, it comes with many puzzles in the game. The Room has got the most natural looking visual in the game that makes your gaming more like reality. Because of its 3D imaginary world and original soundtracks increase the gaming experience to next level. The game come with a simple concept to solve given problems or riddles. If you like playing Myst then you will also like playing this game too.

Available on: Android

Broken Age

Broken Age is a point-and-click game for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation, Xbox One, Ouya, Linux user. Also, this game is compatible with iOS and Android smartphone so you can play this game any time on the go. Broken Age is a single-player mode only game developed and published by Double Fine Productions. That comes in the list of Myst alternatives, as this also has a good amount of similarity in gameplay to Myst. In the game, you need to control character to explore the unknown place in the world of mystery. Talk to the non-playing character to explore the hidden facts to learn more about game universe. In this game, there are two playable characters that place in two different worlds. You can switch between these two worlds to change the mode and interfaces.

Available on: Steam | Android | Playstation


Adventure with riddle and puzzle in the game increase your Adventure in the game. Thus Myst is one of the point-and-click game that you can play but if you already solved all of its puzzles then you have to find some more interesting games like Myst. To make your search for Myst alternative games, here we have shared a Top 15 Games like Myst. All of the listed game in the list has the unique world and hidden riddle to solve. You might love playing them if you love playing puzzle games like Myst. So, download it now on your supported device. Some of them downloadable on your gaming console, PC, and mobile. Hope, you have found your best Myst alternatives, now download them and have a great time solving the gameplay.


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