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In search of greatest WhatsApp mod app, GB WhatsApp stands on the top position. No deny, WhatsApp is an undisputed IM, you can get for your Smartphone right now. However, the WhatsApp is not that great if you compared with GBWhatsApp. Yes, this modified WhatsApp can deliver even better feature than the official one. It has all the most wanted features of WhatsApp users. So, better you try out downloading GBWhatsApp apk latest version on your Smartphone device if you are using the main version frequently. To know more about this custom WhatsApp app, we are here sharing its all features details, GBWhatsApp FAQ and also, you will find a GB WhatsApp apk latest V6.60 free download link below.

If you want to take full control over WhatsApp then we suggest you to download and install GBWhatsApp apk V.6.30 on your Android device. To crack amazing and useful feature in WhatsApp GB_WhatsApp is next to none. As main WhatsApp doesn’t include most of the feature that you get in this modified app. If WhatsApp app is getting bored then its time to include some essential features in it. The whole form of this app complete similar to WhatsApp with included useful feature. So, keep reading this guide till the end.

GB WhatsApp APK App Free Download 2019

GBWhatsApp is a custom WhatsApp developed by the GBMODS. Unlike an official app, this mod app also can be download for free. It is an Android exclusive best WhatsApp modified app. So, having an iOS device, there is no point downloading GB_WhatsApp_APK file for your device. This file is meant to download and install on Android device. It supports all Android devices that running on Android 4.0 or later versions. With more than 6 million downloads, it is a great WhatsApp alternative to download. Another good about this mod app is that you can use it without root access. So, no need root to use this super useful app and yes, if your device already rooted still GBWhatsApp app can be installed and used.

GBWhatsApp APK for Android Features

WhatsApp is a great app to be used if you use it in general. But at some point, you might like to have an extra feature in the app. For example at some point, you will start hating the way it looks, which can be changed at all. Yes, chat background can be changed but no theme support in this app. Also, there is no privacy support to lock the app. Apps like Telegram officially enabled this app lock by default, whereas, WhatsApp still lack this feature. So, these are the examples, those may ruin the user-experience of you.

On the other hand, GBWhatsApp all meant to fill all the lacking features in WhatsApp. So, it is a good news for all WhatsApp users, if they wish to have a more useful feature in the app. GBWhatsApp apk does come with many features you may like to have. Features like theme support, blue ticks hide option, passcode lock support, online status hide, typing hide etc, shines in this app. Well, there are a lot of to be discussed all of its features. To know more about Latest GBWhatsApp apk feature, here are details in below regarding all major features.

Theme Support:

Using an available theme, you can change the whole interface of this app. There is also a dark theme, which pretty convenient to use in the night time. Usually, this feature is no available and having theme support is what it makes a winner. So, if you are bored by the look of main WhatsApp then it is time to try out GBWhatsApp.

Passcode Lock

This feature is out favorite, which gives extra peace of mind about your chats safety. Generally, in a regular WhatsApp version, everybody can open your WhatsApp app and read all of your confidential chats and the chats you never want to share with anyone. GBWhatsApp is rich with this feature and lets its user to lock all of your chat happening in GBWhatsApp. So, no matter even some of your friends or family check your Smartphone, your all chat is safe with you.

Hide Online Activity

Well, in the main WhatsApp version there is no such option to disable online activity. Yes, you can make it by blocking someone but that makes no sense at all. Sometime you might not like to let others know that you are online. Basically, keeping WhatsApp app open or while using the app, the other user can see you are online in your chat window. GBWhatsApp becomes handy with its feature that allows hiding online action.

Freedom to Share 

As a WhatsApp user, you might know sending images through WhatsApp app compromises the image quality. WhatsApp doesn’t allow its user to send multiple images more than 10. These are not the case with GBWhatsApp app. There is no limitation sending files in size, whereas in the main app video file size is limited to 16mb only. Break all the rules, and download GBWhatsApp apk to get full control over file sharing.

Group with Maximum Members

As you know the official WhatsApp does only let creating a group with maximum 256 members. If you wish to have more members than its limit then you should opt for this modified app. GBWhatsApp does let you create a group with maximum 600 members. To have a grand group chat GbWhatsApp is a right solution for you.

100+ Language Support

Use this app in your native language, GB WhatsApp does support more than 100 languages. So, you can set your own language in the app and make it more native than the official WhatsApp app.

GBWhatsApp All Feature Summary:

On above, you have seen all the major feature, which are not available on the main WhatsApp app. There are more features that come in GBWhatsApp and we are sharing it in below. So, check out all features of GB WhatsApp app in summary.

  • It allows changing the whole interface look with several available themes.
  • A Dark mode in this modified WhatsApp is very useful in the dark environment.
  • You can change the notification icons.
  • The user can submit their personalized theme in theme store.
  • It hides blue ticks or read status even after you opened it.
  • You can install the app without uninstalling the main WhatsApp app. So, both can be used at the same time on the same device.
  • No root access required.
  • The user can disable online activity even while he/she is online.
  • Support for Android 4.0 or newer Android versions.
  • Other users’ status can be copied directly in the app.
  • GB WhatsApp doesn’t have ban issues.
  • It supports more 100+ languages.
  • It has great control over file sharing that is even better than the main version.

Download GBWhatsApp V6.30 APK Free for Android

GBWhatsApp is for Android user only, which can be download for free. As this is a modified app of WhatsApp version, you cant find this app on Google Play Store. Although, you can easily download it from other app markets. If you are not getting the latest version of it then we have a free GBWhatsApp_v6.30.APK file download link in below. We recommend downloading the latest version of this apk. As most of the websites are circulated by old OGWhatsApp V.6.25 apk, OGWhatsApp V.6.20 apk and older apk version of it. Here download the latest version of GBWhatsApp for Android devices from the given free download link.

Click here to download GBWhatsApp V6.30 APK

How to Install GBWhatsApp APK App on Android?

After downloading the app on your device, you need to install it manually. Every apk downloads and apk files need to be installed apk manually. As we already said, GBWhatsApp for Android device is not available to download from Android Play Store. To manually install the downloaded GBWhatsApp_v6.30.apk file on your Android, you need to follow an easy tutorial. If you never installed any apk file then you might need to know the installation instructions. In below, we shared with you a GBWhatsApp installation procedure.

Step 1: Turn On Unknown Sources

Downloading an app from out of Android Play Store, you would need to enable Unknown source option first. By default this feature is disabled or you cant install any apk file without turning it on. Hence, before step into further installation procedure go to your Android device main Settings. Now go to the Security and Privacy menu, where you can see Unknown sources with a toggle button. Tap on the toggle button and it will be enabled. So, now you can install any apk file or your downloaded GBWhatsApp.apk file.

Step 2: Install GBWhatsApp apk on Android

  • Tap on GBWhatsApp_V6.30.apk file and immediately you will see an install confirmation dialog.
  • Now select the Install option to proceed installation GBWhatsApp on your Android device. Allow some of the shown terms to get install the app.
  • It will take a little moment to complete installed on your device.
  • After a moment you can see a complete notification. Tap OK, and you successfully downloaded just installed the modified WhatsApp on Android device.

Step 3: Start GBWhatsApp App on Android device

After successfully installing the app, you need to set up the app, unlike the usual WhatsApp app setup. Without uninstalling the main WhatsApp it can be used on the same device simultaneously.

  • Open installed GB WhatsApp app and provide your existing or registered WhatsApp number.
  • Tap on NEXT and you will have an OTP SMS on your mobile number. Provide the One-Time Password and you are all set to use GBWhatsApp on Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions | GbWhatsApp APK V6.30

FAQ 1: Is GBWhatsApp app safe to use?

Ans: GBWhatsApp is a mod of main WhatsApp app. It uses the same server of WhatsApp and thus, it comes under the end-to-end encryption security. So, every of your chat, conversation, and data would completely safe. So, it is completely safe to use GBWhatsApp over the official WhatsApp app.

FAQ 2: Do I need to root my device to install the app?

Ans: No, to install and use GBWhatsApp you don’t need any root access to your Android device. There is no limitation for the non-rooted and rooted device. So, it can be used on both Android root and no-rooted devices.

FAQ 3: Is there GBWhatsApp for iPhone?

Ans: No, there is no GbWhatsApp for iOS devices or iPhone/iPad. Till now GBMods only released Android version of it. So, you can not use GBWhatsApp on iOS device; the apk file is for Android use only.

FAQ 4: Do I need to uninstall main WhatsApp app to install GbWhatsApp?

Ans: We already mentioned, GBWhatsApp can be used without uninstalling the official version. So, basically, if you want to use both them then you are good to go with both apps.

FAQ 5: Whats the major features of GbWhatsApp?

Ans: The features like Passcode lock, theme support, more privacy control, 600 members group, improved file sharing are the major reason to download GbWhatsApp. If you need those features then you are reccommended to download this app.

FAQ 6: Whats the latest version of GbWhatsApp app?

Ans: The shared link on above is for latest apk of this app. Currently, the latest version is V6.30 that comes with some included features and bug fixes. Download the latest GbWhatsApp v6.30 from the above-given link.


WhatsApp is a great instant messaging app, which stands on in its class. However, nothing is perfect and this is why most of its users like to have some more feature in this app. WhatsApp lack lots of essential features that other IM apps do include. We refer you to download the GBWhatsApp app that packs all the missing features in WhatsApp. On above, you can see a free download like for GBWhastApp apk for Android device. If you in the line, who is looking for WhatsApp mod app then GbWhatsApp could be your survivor. Following the installation procedure, you can install the apk file on your device.  If there any issue persist while installing the GBWhatsApp_v6.30.apk file then let us know by commenting below in the comment section.


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