Top 12+ Best iOS and iPhone Emulator For PC


If you are not in the ecosystem of Apple then you will surely have issues sharing files or connecting your phone to your PC. Say you are having an iPhone and a Windows PC, so while sharing files from PC to phone or from phone to PC, you will come through lots of hurdles. To make things easy in sharing files only iOS Emulator even though you are not in the Apple ecosystem. With the iOS emulator, you will not only be able to share files, also you will be able to use the iOS apps on your Windows PC with ease. Well an emulator is a software developed so that you can use your phone applications to your computer with an ease, simply install the software on your desktop and you are ready to go.

ios emulator for pc

There are many emulators for iOS but from all those emulators, you need to choose the best ones as you also need to take care if your PC doesn’t slow down. Many emulators require high configuration desktop to run smoothly but apart from that bulky software those runs on all type of PC are favorite. The first thing your must look for while choosing iOS emulator is that whether the emulator can support all types of iOS apps or not, as most of the apps doesn’t emulate all iOS applications. So here in this article we have handpicked the top 12+ best iOS emulator for your Windows PC that you can use.

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Top 12+ Best iOS/iPhone Emulator For PC 2018

1. iPadian

If you want to access to all iOS applications on Windows PC then this is among the top and best iOS emulator for Windows PC. This emulator is developed and designed by Adobe Air and making it best for windows platform. This software is available free of cost. The interface of this emulator is clean and simple, so anyone can easily install and run this emulator on their Windows laptop or desktop without any special knowledge. It offers all its users clear and attractive graphics, sound which will give you a feeling that you are having an iOS device on your hand. It is available in two versions, basic and premium. The basic version is free and if you want to taste its premium features then you can also use the premium version for only $10.

2. Mobione Studio

It is another best emulator which not only works on Windows but it also works on all other operating systems like Linux. Without any issues or lagging, you can run all your favorite iOS apps flawlessly on Windows PC. The interface of this emulator is easy and user-friendly which you can see while using this or while running an iOS app on it. This is also a free emulator and widely available on all leading online software platforms. A few years back this emulator stopped working but recently they released a new beta version which you can try out.

3. SmartFace

This is another iOS emulator for PC which is popular for its friendly interface and for its features. This is very similar to iPadian and offers you the same functionality as of it. This emulator is widely used by developers for developing cross-platform apps.  It has lots of features but to get access to all its unique features you need to buy its premium version otherwise you can go with its free version.


It is another emulator to run an iOS app on Windows PC. Unlike other offline emulators, this software only works online. The users interface of this app is classic and friendly that makes it easy to perform tasks in this emulator. To use this emulator you need to connect to an internet connection after it connects successfully you need to upload any iOS app or game. It is a cloud emulator and you can access it directly from your Windows, Mac, and Android devices too.

5. Xamarin Testflight

This emulator is developed and designed by Apple, so that users can enjoy more compatibility to all iOS apps. Whatever iOS apps you want to run on your Windows PC, can easily be done with this emulator. The interface of this application is friendly and if you are facing any problem in using this, you can directly contact to their support team anytime you want for anything.

6. Air iPhone

Specially designed and developed for iOS app to run on Windows PC. It will offer you the same graphical user-friendly interface as that of iPhone. To use this emulator on your Windows PC you need to first install this framework. It works well on all windows Os version. It is popular for its GUI which resembles same as of Apple handset.

7. iPhone simulator

It is another best emulator to run iOS apps on a windows computer. Among all other, this emulator also stands great as it offers you the same graphical and sound experience as offered by an iPhone.  This emulator is a very familiar one for developers those who want to develop iOS apps on their Windows PC.  It has lots of features that give you the same iOS experience but it has one limitation. You can’t able to access iTunes or App store from this emulator. Apart from this, you will have all experience as of iPhone.

8. Ripple

To run and to develop an iOS app on windows platform this emulator is a perfect platform.  The interface along with its features makes it a popular iOs emulator for Windows. It is alight emulator which is available as an extension that you to run all types of iOs app on Google Chrome browser. It is free application and available on the web.

9. SmartFace iOS emulator

With the help of this emulator, you can play iOS games or apps on your PC. If you are a developer and want to develop an iOS app on window PC then this emulator is another best choice. The interface and its features are unique and advanced which let you get iOS experience on PS running on any version. It is popular for development as it has many features which help coders to code easily.


It is an online emulator where you can develop Android and iOS application. As it is an online emulator so you need to connect your system to online. After you have connected it you can play as well develop apps on it. The interface of this app is friendly and anyone within a short span of time will get familiar with this emulator. To use this emulator unlimited you need to pay $.5 per minute after you have crossed your trial minutes of 100 mins.

11. Nintendo 3DS

It is basically a gaming emulator where you can play different video games especially games those are specially developed for iOS devices. Here on this emulator, you can play old video games that you might have played on your child age. Here on this emulator, you can play all iOS games as well as games those are developed by Nintendo. The interface is friendly and its graphics and sound are attractive which helps while playing high-end games.

12. iDOS emulator for Windows

It is another one which is also an ideal choice for those who want to use an iOS app on Windows PC. The interface is easy that makes overall navigation and use very easy and quick. If you won’t have an iPhone but want to experience the iOS GUI and apps then this emulator need a try. It is free and widely available all over the internet.

13. iMame emulator

Those who love to play iOS games, this emulator as per experience is another best platform. It is specially developed only for windows user to play iOS games with same graphics and sound quality.  The interface is easy and it can emulate all apps irrespective of any iOS version on yoWindowsows PC and Laptop.

Final Words:

So. these are all about emulators that stand on top in emulating all types of iOS app on your Windows PC. No matter if you don’t have an iPhone or any device those runs on iOS.  If you have installed any of the above-listed emulators on your Windows PC then you can easily have the same experience as that of an iOS device. Before choosing any emulator for any platform you first need to check its abilities, feature, and support ability. Apart from all high configured emulators, it is good to choose emulators those are flexible and compatible with all types of configuration. Emulators those are listed above are widely available for free and help in playing iOS games, apps and also to develop an iOS app on windows. So if you are confused which emulator will be best to use then choose any of the Top 12+ Best iOS/iPhone Emulator For PC.


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