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To be precise, Lucky Patcher APK can be easily downloaded from many sources but how about a Lucky Patcher APK free download latest 2019 version? Well, updated Lucky Patcher is always better than a dated version you are using. There could bug and feature limitation in the older version of Lucky Patcher app. Lucky Patcher is a must have root app and even for the non-rooted Android device. If you thinking to download this app or wishing to upgrade Lucky Patcher 7.2.9 apk then here we are going to share with a free download for this most demand app for your Android device.

Android is notoriously popular for its great app options and customization. Well, a lot of free apps can be downloaded from its own Play Store. But most of the free apps contains ads, which are a really annoying experience you could see. Android Play Store also carries a huge library of games for your Android Smartphone. Again app-in-purchase is a noticeable part of them. To make it to premium feature, you need to spend your real money or to disable ads in an app, you have to opt for the premium policy that comes for a cost. Well, everything can be avoided using Lucky Patcher. This app means to tweak and by-pass some feature of your favorite apps. Using this free app, you can improve Android experience ever than before. To make it happen, here we all about latest Luck Patcher 2019 for Android.

Download Lucky Patcher APK App Free (Latest 2019) for Android

So, initially, you come to know Lucky Patcher is an app tweaking application for Android users. This app is developed by the team Chelpus. Because of the Google Play Store  App privacy policy, this app is not featured in that Store. Hence, you need to download it from the other sources. To download Lucky Patcher latest apk version, your device should have at least Android 2.3 or later version. Apart from the Android version, Lucky Patcher can be installed with minimum processing power and RAM. This app has millions of downloads, this app is one of the most demanded and downloaded apps among the Android device users.

It is notoriously popular as because you can do a lot of useful things to make Android experience even better. Hence, if you also wishing to download this must have Android app on your Android device then we suggest you see latest Lucky Patcher Apk 7.2.9 features before you download. The latest version does offer improved experience and some other bug fixes. So, here are the features of latest Lucky Patcher app for Android devices.

Remove Google Ads:

We already talked, most of the apps do contain Google Ads on any Android device. Having an internet connection to your device, you are supposed to get frequent ads in some apps. Those are annoying and make your experience worse. However, with new Lucky Patcher apk you can remove Google ads and makes a pure app experience. So, if you want to avoid ads in apps then you should get this app.

Remove License Verification:

Most of the good apps come for a good price and if you don’t want spend on those apps then it is also possible with Lucky Patcher application for Android. Its ability to remove license verification helps you getting premium apps for free. Every premium apps do come with a license verification and this extension further asks you to upgrade to the apps or subscription or buying the certain app. As you can remove this license verification from most of the premium apps, it doesn’t send a signal to the server for a license. Hence, without any interruption, your favorite apps can be used as freemium.

Fake-Google Payment Extension

Most of the apps contain in-app purchase that brings further feature in the certain app. To buy any in-app purchase for a specific app, it might charge you a good price. Lucky Patcher lets you modify an app that supports Google Payment emulation. Hence, the regenerated app could replicate Google Payment and make your purchase real in-app purchase. In this way, most of the games and apps in-app purchase could be purchased without wasting your time.

Create Modified App:

With the help of Lucky Patcher, you can modify apps as per your requirements. This feature helps to create a right patch for your device and Android version if a certain app is not working good on your device. In this way, most of the existing apps on your device can be modified or customized using this feature. You can test the modified apk by installing on the same device. Make sure you delete the official version before installing custom apk.


Apk doesn’t only offer app modification, bypassing the license verification, remove ads but also, it is a great utility app for an Android device. Yes, you can uninstall apps from your device and install apk from your device storage. It does also offer a backup option to backup your device apps as an apk file. Your SMS also can be back up with latest Lucky patcher apk. So, it makes a great app to keep SMS and app safe.

Modded Play Store

You can add a modified Play Store on your device that can help you downloading modded apps. This comes with no further restriction like you find on Google Play Store. All the premium apps can be downloaded without spending any cost. So, it is another great way to get freemium app using the Latest Lucky Patcher apk.

Download Lucky Patcher APK 2019

Lucky Patcher is a must have Android app that can be downloaded and used on most of the Android devices. No root access is required to use this app but on rooted Android device you can get more feature in Lucky Patcher APK. If you wish to have this app then here is a Luck Patcher APK Latest V7.2.9 free download link for you.

Click Here to Download Lucky Patcher v7.2.9

How to install Lucky Patcher APK?

Unlike any APK installation procedure, the Lucky Patcher apk installation procedure also same. However, if you haven’t installed any APK file on your Android device then here we are showing you a quick tutorial to install this app. Check out Lucky Patcher Installation in below,

Step1: Enable Uknown Source Installation in Android Settings.

  • To install any apk file, you need enable Unknown Sources in your device Settings.
  • Go to the main Android device Settings.
  • Tap on the Security option; immediately you can see Unknown sources.

  • Tap on the toggle button to enable the feature. This will enable any apps installation, which are not downloaded from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Install APK File

  • Download Lucky Patcher from the above link, it would be a ZIP file. It includes a Lucky Patcher Latest 7.2.9 version.
  • After unzipping it, tap on the Lucky Patcher apk file.
  • An installation dialog, with ask you with two option with Install or Cancel.
  • Tap on the Install button and follow further installation steps.
  • It will take a little moment to get installed on your device and you are done installing the apk file.

Frequently Asked Question: Lucky Patcher AP (F.A.Q)

F.A.Q1: Does Lucky Patcher support all app?

Ans: No, Lucky Patcher doesn’t support all the apps or games but it supports most of the games. To be precise, Lucky Patcher is capable to tweak most of the offline app without any sweat.

F.A.Q2: Is Lucky Patcher app Safe to use?

Ans: As we already mentioned, this app has more than 50 million downloads. Till date, there are no complaints about this app. It is 100% safe to use on your Android device. Yes, it may contaminate the Android user policy but not a big deal.

F.A.Q3: How to download Lucky Patcher for iOS or iPhone/iPad?

Ans: Lucky Patcher is an Android exclusive app or till date, there is no Lucky Patcher apk for iOS. You can download it only on Android. So, if you have an iOS device then check out other solution for it.

F.A.Q4:  I am seeing “This file can be harmful,” is it safe to install?

Ans: Every apk installation shows this warning, as it is downloaded from an unknown source. Some apk might be harmful but Lucky Patcher app is completely safe to install.

F.A.Q5: Why Custom Patch is not working?

Ans: The updated apps always come with different setup and Lucky Patcher also has to match with the update. Make sure, you Lucky Patcher apk is latest version and patch with latest updates in it. Also the app you want to apply Custom Patch should have available custom patches.

Lucky Patcher app is one of most wanted app among the Android users. Because of its ability to make Android experience better. Using this app, you can remove annoying ads, license verification to use premium apps, get modded Play Store, file backup and much. Hence, if you want the same feature in one app then download latest Lucky Patcher apk V7.2.9 now from the given link on above.


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