Top 12+ Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC and Android


Do you remember the first game that you played? Was it a console or was it a computer? Well, if it was a console than it’s safe to say that it was a Nintendo Console and the sole reason is that Nintendo consoles were the most popular. The same thing can’t be said for now as Play Stations and Xbox have taken over the market but we are here to talk about Nintendo. Nintendo started out a company in 1889 and before launching their first video game console in 1974, they did a number of businesses that were quite not up to the mark. The first video game console also is known as color TV console was an instant hit as the games were quite fun to play. After that, there was no stopping for this company as it went on to become one of the biggest companies in the world with a net worth of $85 billion. After a while, the company sales went down but the tide changed again when they launched the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS proved to be a game changer for Nintendo and its sales went quite high too.

But now there was an issue and that was people were quite getting accustomed to PC and Smartphone games and wanted those games to be available on PC and Android devices. The Nintendo games are in fact available on PC but you need an emulator to run these game. We are quite sure that we don’t have to explain what an emulator is. There are quite a lot of emulators for Nintendo can be used on your PC  but are all of those worth your time? NO! Most of these emulators are fake or have quite a lot of glitches that will probably damage your PC. So for your convenience, we have noted down some of the best Nintendo 3DS emulators for your PC and Android. Have a peek at those now.

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Top 12+ Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators for PC and Android:

To make it easy for you, we have separated the list of 3DS emulator for PC and 3DS emulator for Android. So, let’s get started.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC:

1: Desmume

Desmume is an old emulator available for download which is free on your windows OS. It features several and advanced tools which makes it an incredible emulator for PC. Play Nintendo game with an amazing video and high quality. And the best thing about it is Desmume gives you an impressive sound quality and with many controls functions. Previously this emulator supports in only Windows XP, Vista and later on several updates took place. Into the latest updates, Desmume has been made available for Windows OS which is a great feeling.

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2: Citra

Citra is an open-source file of the emulator. And it is available to download for several platform devices like Windows, Linux, and Max. By installing this emulator on your Windows PC you can play your favorite games on this emulator, at any time and the moment you want.

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3: iDeas

Speaking about the top Nintendo 3DS emulator iDeas is also placed on the top list. This emulator supports in Windows OS and is compatible with several Nintendo games with its regular updates. Now you can play the most popular or any other Nintendo game on your selected windows PC. It has impressive features and you will never experience your device getting slow down or freeze at the time of gameplay. Enjoy the next level of gaming on your PC today itself.

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4: Neon DS

Neon DS is the best emulator available for PC to play any Nintendo DS game. It is supported in several platforms of devices including Windows PC and Mac. Now install this emulator for free and enjoy playing your favorite game like anything else before. Speaking of its features it brings you high-quality graphics and sound. Not only that, it has improved control on the movement and speed of the game display and contents.

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5: 3DM00

3DM00 is another great choice to play Nintendo 3DS games on your Windows PC. It is an excellent Nintendo 3DS emulator that is compatible with both Windows and Mac users and this tool is free to download. This is an open source file that allows your PC to run the games of Nintendo smoothly. This emulator will improve the quality of graphics and the audio quality of the video game. Experience the gameplay like that of the Nintendo video game on your selected computer platform.

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6: R4 3DS Emulator

R4 3DS Emulator is one of the best emulator available in this list of 3DS Emulator for your PC. It supports on a R4 3DS Flash Card and this emulator is installed on PC to play Nintendo games. R4 3DS is developed and is based on the freeware of the NDS emulator No$GBA. When it comes to the features it has tons to offer its user and is free to download. It has an excellent visualization when it comes to graphics and audio quality is high.

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Best 3DS Emulator for Android:

7: NDS Boy!

NDS Boy, a superb emulator that will give you the access to play Nintendo games on your Android device. It supports on the high Android phone with requirements of quad-core CPU and 2GB RAM. This emulator comes with NDS game file such as zip.rar and works on an Android phone with a version of 5.0 and 6.0. This emulator saves your game file and loads the game at any place you want.

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8: nds4droid

Nds4droid is the most popular Android emulator which is available to download for free. Install this emulator on your phone by visiting the Google Play Store and get this file right away. It will provide you the excellent gaming experience and high level of Nintendo 3DS emulator gaming. Nds4droid is a simple emulator providing tons of features and is the right choice for you.

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9: My Boy!

My Boy! Is a super-fast emulator available to free download for the Android phones. And this emulator will help your device to run Game Boy Advance games smoothly than in Nintendo video game. It is perhaps the best choice for you to play any GBA games available today. Now you can easily save any loaded games or fast forward and use multiple lines in a single cheat. Also, create the multiple layers of screen profiles and link up a server along with your friends.

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10: Ase DS Emulator

Ase DS Emulator is just another one emulator available just for you. It is the best choice to install an emulator on your device. But unfortunately, it is not available to download from Google Play Store. To use it you will have to download the APK format and enjoy all its excellent features provided to you. Utilize the cheat codes or screen display options and the button layouts settings and advanced performance. Save and load the game at any place you want and this emulator comes with the microphone support and wireless controller.

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11: DraStic

DraStic is a powerful Nintendo DS emulator tool that is developed to play GBA games. Customize the settings into the visual settings and then set the control functions virtually and gamepad. Unfortunately, this emulator isn’t available to download on Play Store, but there is an optional download. Collect the APK file instead and install on your selected Android device to play your favorite GBA games. This emulator has tons to offer and is the best choice to play any GameBoy Advance game on Android phone.

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12: DeSmuME

Just like any other emulator on this list of Nintendo emulator for Android. DeSmuME is a free source emulator which is available to download for your device. And it is not available to download on Google Play Store, instead, you will have to collect APK file on your phone. DeSmuME supports on several platforms of devices and that includes Windows PC, Mac, and Android. Launch multiple displays and save states of the game. Also, this emulator comes with a microphone support.

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13: GENPlus Droid

GENPlus Droid is an excellent open-source for Android emulator. It is free to download from Google Play store and no charges are required to install this emulator on your device. This emulator supports multi-touch keyboard functions and game pad control options. Also, use the custom key bindings. GEPlus Droid provides you excellent features like high-quality graphics and sound quality. It is perhaps the best emulators which you must install on your device.

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Final Thoughts:

These are all the Nintendo 3DS emulators that we have found worthy of use. Besides, there are lots of other emulators that you can look into but we would suggest that you go with any of these emulators. All of these emulators have been used by a lot of gamers and they have rated these as the best among all the others emulators available until today. Each of this emulator works excellently and is compatible with any version of Windows PC, Mac and Android phone. Enjoy the clean user interface, visual effects and audio quality of this emulator of GBA games. We would suggest that you get one of these as soon as possible. We hope this was helpful.DS


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