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Solarmovie is a great source for downloading and watching movies for free. With Solarmovies, you are sure to get all the latest and the best movies to choose from. Good movies along with quality video and audio can offer a great way to spend some time with friends and loved ones. So if you are searching for more free movie sites like Solarmovies to watch and download movies from online you have come to the right place as today we are going to talk about few of the best sites like Solarmovies.

All these Solarmovies alternatives isn’t just a list of alternative sites but a better alternative to SolarMovies as well. If you are already a Solarmovie site’s user and you want an alternative to Solarmovie then this list will definitely help you. SolarMovie provides with the latest and the best movies, TV shows, series and much more to watch from. Soalrmovie had a lot of different domains so far, like,, Users have also seen the launch of a site named which was later found to a be a fake site which wasn’t launched by the developers of the official

And later when the original site of solarmovie site was no longer available, many fake and suspicious site were found online which looked similar to solarmovie but upon downloading anything from the site, users would face problems like malware issues, adware popping up even on the desktop, losing internet connection and their system being over welled by virus.

So if you don’t want to face such problems or visit any fake solarmovie site, then all the sites mentioned here will also help you find the latest movies and series with proper links which aren’t broken or unavailable. Unlike torrent sites, all these sites are completely legal to use so you won’t need any VPN or legal issue to think about while using any of them. Without further delay let us have a look at the list of best sites like Solarmovie.

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Top Best Sites like SolarMovies | Alternatives Of Solarmovie to Watch & Download Movies For Free


First on this list is the MoviesCo official site. MvoiesCo is a great site to stream all the latest movies, TV shows and series from. You can watch all the content from MovieCo without the need of downloading them. Be it latest movies, Tv shows or series that you watch every week, you can find what you love right here on MvoiesCo. Watch movies in HD within a week of the new movie release which makes MoviesCo a great place to stream latest movie content as well.


Solarmoviesa is a great place to stream all your favorite movies online. You can choose to download what you want from Solarmovies easily, but if you want to stream any content online like movies, TV shows, and series, then Solarmovies is the right way to go. Solarmoviesa has a great user interface so even if you are new to the site you can easily find what you need to watch simply from the homepage itself. Solarmoviesa offers HDmovies and series content as well which is available to stream from. Solarmoviesa is available for free as well as in a premium option which makes Solarmoviesa one of the best source for movie lovers.


Love streaming TV shows, series, movies online? Well if the answer is yes, then MoviesFoundOnline can offer a great deal of HD streaming content to choose from. With this site, you can stream your favorite contents from PC, mobile device or even a gaming rig like XBOX or PS. So if you are more into watching movies and TV shows while traveling around in your everyday life, then MoviesFoundOnline can help you out. You can even choose to download what you want from this site while you are using the premium account.


123Movies is yet another great site to stream and downloads your favorite and latest movies, series, and TV shows from. 123Movies comes with a lot of content starting from oldies (like 80’s movies) to latest content that isn’t available on other sites. 123Movies is a great way to stream what you love for free. Yes, that is right, 123Movies is free to use with no hidden cost from HD or premium content. Explore all the latest Series like Games of Thrones, Big Bang Theory and much more. No matter what you love watching be it movies, or TV shows or series you are sure to find them here on 123Movies.


YesMovies is yet another great site that you can choose as an alternative to Yes Movies. With a great user interface, visitors are sure to love streaming movies, TV shows, and other contents on Yes Movies. What makes Yes Movies even better is the streaming bandwidth that you need to stream HD content on Yes Movies. Even when you have a low internet connection, you will be able to stream any video on the site with much hassle. Enjoy many features like latest contents and best-rated video on Yes Movies for free.

House Movies:

House Movies is a great site to stream movies, series and TV shows online. The site itself is full of latest content to stream from. Wouldn’t it be hard to find something to watch from with such a  wide variety of content? Well, House Movies comes with a simple yet effective search engine which gives out live result feeds of the term you search for which makes searching any content on the site easy. All the content available here is free to stream and download from as well.


Next on our list of sites like Solarmovies is the WolowTube official site. WolowTube offers a huge collection of TV shows, movies, and series to watch from. You can either choose to download or stream the videos that you want which is available for free. Contents here on WolowTube is free and available in HD quality as well so you don’t need to spend a penny to watch what you want and when you want. One of the best features of WolowTube is that even if you find a link of your favorite movies, TV shows or series to be down or unavailable, you can choose any other alternative link to watch them.

Popcorn Flix:

If you want a movies streaming site that offers quality content rather then quantity then Popcorn Flix is the site for you. With this site, you may not find all the movies at one place like many other movies, TV show and series watching sites but all the content available here will be in HD quality. the site has tons of new movies to watch from and if you are unable to find any movie that you want to watch in HD quality then you can Request for a Movie easily and they will upload it within a week. Sounds Great right? Well give the Popcorn Flix Movies official site a try and I am sure that you won’t be disappointed.

New Movies Online

New Movies Online is a what it is named after as this site offers great movies to stream online. If you have a great internet connection you can even choose to stream HD quality content directly from the site easily. No matter what device you are using be it a smartphone, tablet, PC or Xbox, you can access New Movies Online as the interface of the site has been configured to be accessed from any device.


Next on this list is the MovieWatcher site which allows you to easily search for movies and TV shows from the search button available on the homepage itself. You can choose to stream or even download great quality movies and TV shows is it the latest or classical contents. So no matter what you want to watch from with MovieWatcher you are sure to find your desired movie right here.


What makes Rainerland a great alternative for Solarmovie is the availability of streaming option on 360, 480, and 720p. So if you have a good internet connection you can easily stream what you want without the need of downloading the movie, TV show or series. You can easily search for content that you want from the search bar provided. Rainerland has a huge collection of great quality movies from classic to lates and in terms of TV shows and series you can find almost all the famous series like GOT, GreenArrow, Flash and more.


Yify is a great site to download movies in HD as well in FHD quality. This site is great for those who want to download great movies without thinking about its quality as Yify only uploads HD quality movies and TV shows. Yify is also one of my personal favorites on this list as this site is always up and running and allows you to download any movies right from the site without using any downloader. I would like to recommend you to visit this site right now to enjoy few of the best movies of all time. Another great feature of Yify is that all the movies you download in HD will be within a Gigabyte which makes downloading the movies fast and easy.


So this was the list of few of the best movies, TV shows, and series streaming sites that you can visit to watch your favorite content online. Few of the sites come with the premium version as well, and we have included this site if you love watching original content just like Netflix. You can easily stream or choose to download any video from the site using a video downloader plugin. If you liked our list of best sites like Solarmovies t stream movies and TVshows online then leave a comment below on which site was your favorite one on this list.


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