WhatsApp Dare Games (2018) Truth Questions, Messages with Answers


People of today’s generation are highly involved with social activities especially in Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. When to come to social network, most of us is aware of the fact that is the place where people stay connected and have daily conversations of their life or work. WhatsApp is such a messaging application tool where people are actively engaged and is used by over millions of people worldwide. WhatsApp Dare Games is among that game in social media accounts which has become a trend these days. And the users of whatsApp have been looking for new type of Dare Games to have fun with their friends or family.

Mostly teenagers or people of young ages love to play Dare Games of WhatsApp and on Facebook sometimes. And people really enjoy sending daring task to their contacts list especially to closed ones or in a circle of friends. But things have become way more interesting when someone start to send you Truth Question, Messages with Answers. Especially when those daring games questions are based on your personal life like the dare game that defines your hobbies or nature and lots more. And there is much more things that you make your WhatsApp contact list do on your wish.

Now you must be wondering what questions shall I put in the daring games and what type of task shall I give on it? To help you with that we have collected many interesting Dare Game for active WhatsApp users. Putting someone in a tough daring game can be mean sometime but this is the way you can have fun with others. Time to play the dare game and watch your friends dong funny which you can only imagine before but see for yourself now doing all those unimaginable stuff.

WhatsApp Dare Games (2018) Truth Questions And Messages with Answers:

New Year Dare Game of whatsApp:

Select any number from 1 – 20, and then I am going to tell what will happen with you this year?

  1. This year your ex-bf/gf will come back to you.
  2. This year you will be getting job of your dream.
  3. This year you will get your dream car.
  4. This year you will get a lovely pet as a gift.
  5. This year you will win a lottery/ jackpot.
  6. This year you will be ditch with your best friend.
  7. This year you will meet with your childhood lover.
  8. This year you will be get an opportunity to act in the Bhojpoori music video.
  9. This year the love of your life will come back to you.
  10. This year your hidden secret will be revealed to everyone.
  11. This year your biggest enemy will hug you.
  12. This year your girlfriend/boyfriend will ditch you.
  13. This year you will get married.
  14. This year you will receive a big surprise gift from ur parents.
  15. You will be the happiest husband or wife in this year.
  16. You will completely free from any financial issues in your family.
  17. You will get married to the love of your life.
  18.  Your husband or wife will get promotion on the job.
  19. you will win a lottery or jackpot worth of 1 crore.
  20. You will become a father or mother in this year.

Dare Game of Crush on WhatsApp with Answers:

Select any number from 1 to 25, and then I will send you a dare to do.

  1. Describe me one single word?
  2. Will you kill anyone if you are given permission to do it? Yes, then who is going to be that person?
  3. What is the thing that you do not like the most in me?
  4. What is my name in your phone contact list?
  5. What color suits me the best?
  6. What is the nickname that you wish to give me?
  7. Set a status of the relation that you want to keep with me.
  8. What are the qualities that you like in me?
  9. Send me your cutest photos?
  10. Who is the most important person in your life?
  11. What is the thing that you do not like me in my attitude?
  12. Dedicate your favorite song for our relationship?
  13. Who is your best friend?
  14. Are you willing to become my bf/gf for 1 Day?
  15. Who is the person that you wish to marry?
  16. What is the quality that you like about yourself?
  17. What is the quality that you want to see as a change on you?
  18. What is craziest dream ever?
  19. Rate my WhatsApp DP from 10?
  20. What is the first thing that you note in a person on your first meet?
  21. What are your thoughts on me?
  22. Write the name of your crush on your status for 1 Day.
  23. write on your status I have just eaten cockroach on my dinner.
  24. I will buy my first condom tomorrow.
  25. I just had my first sex tonight.

Dare Game:

Going to have lots of fun  Agar himmat ho sirf tabhi reply bhejna.

Dare Games of Emojis on WhatsApp in Hindi:

Select any number between 1 to 20, and you will have to put that particular song putting it on your status for 1 day.

  1. Oye hue jawani ley doobi aye haye jawani ley doobi.
  2. Nain hum ladayengey babby dol si hu, laundiyaa patayengey miss-call deki.
  3. Ye duniya ye mehfil mere kaam ki nahi.
  4. Baan gaayaa kutaa tu main ban gayaa kutaa.
  5. Main ladka po-po-po, tu ladki po-po-po, hum dunoo miley po po po.
  6. Main Nagin dance nachnaa.
  7. Life kii yeh naughty kahani, aur yeh halkaat jawaani.
  8. Choor hoon main, luchaa hoon main, haad si badaa tucchaa hoon main.
  9. Papa kehte hai bada naam karega, beta humara aisa kaam karegaa.
  10. Hatoori hatori yeh hain apna yaar, haasta aur hasataa hain yeh asli ninja, “main hoon ek Ninja”.
  11. Yeh dil, itna paaga hain phir bhi tumsi yaar karta hain yeh dil.
  12. kyun ki tum hi hoo, tum hi hoo, ashique.
  13. yeh dil diwaana, hain yeeh dil dewaana.
  14. gauri tera gao bara pyara, main toh gaya mara yaha ahki rey.
  15. Chand chupa baadaal main.
  16. kahi toh hogi woh, kahin toh.
  17. haar paal yaahaa ji baar jio, jo hain samah kaal hoo na hoon.
  18. In dinno, dil mera mujh si hain yeh kehe raha.
  19. oooh huzur, tera, teraa teraaa surooor.
  20. jeena jeena, haan sika maine jeena jeena ooh mere humdum.

Couples Dare Games with Answers on whatsApp:

Dare Game Question: Choose any number that is listed below, and the I will give you a name and will start to call it with that name from today.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25

You have reply, I’m waiting for you response.

Dare Answer:

  1. Baby
  2. Gandhoo
  3. Darloo
  4. Sunshine
  5. Idiot
  6. Jhaali
  1. Idiot
  2. Jan-e-maan
  3. Sweet Heart
  4. Lovely
  5. My Love
  6. Crack
  7. Pagaal Bandhaar
  8. Kutaa
  9. Mote Suaar
  10. Khubsuraat
  11. Battery
  12. Bewakoof
  13. Tube Light
  14. Gadhee
  15. Chipkaali
  16. Honey
  17. Bae
  18. Sunshine
  19. Pari

You have chosen a very interesting number and I have found an amazing name for you. So, from now onwards and I’ll start to call you with this particular name.

Dare Game Question:

Dare: selected Heart and remember that you can’t back out as you have chosen to play this Whatsapp Game.

❤1 ❤2 ❤3 ❤4 ❤5 ❤6 ❤7 ❤8 ❤9 ❤10 ❤11 ❤12 ❤13 ❤14 ❤15 ❤16 ❤17 ❤18 ❤19 ❤20 ❤21

Answer of the Dare:

Now that you already selected one heart from above, now you will have to perform them.

  1. ❤ Now you have to “Propose Me”. 📷
  2. ❤ Send me a text and write “I Love U”. 😛
  3. ❤ Put my name in your Status for 1 Day. Also, mention that you wish to “Marry Me”.💍
  4. ❤ Sing me one of your best song. And dedicate that song by recording a “Video Clip”, send it to me. 🎵
  5. ❤ Talk about my nature in a video for like a duration of 3 Minutes. And send me that recorded video. 😝
  6. ❤ Here now you have to tell me, the name of the brand of the undergarments which you wear.💃
  7. ❤ The moment we meet you will have to “Hug Me”.
  8. ❤ You have to flirt with me😳
  9. ❤ Put our picture together in a collage, and then put it as your WhatsApp DP. 👻
  10. ❤ You will have to say the name of the girl/ boy crush. 😂
  11. ❤ Write on our WhatsApp status mentioning “I Loove You” for like 30 Times. 😏
  12. ❤ Mention the name of the boy or girl, and with whom you had your first kiss. 😛
  13. ❤ Make a video call to me. And send me flying Kiss. 😘
  14. ❤ Tell me your biggest secret?
  15. ❤ Become my Bf or Gf for a single Day. 👫
  16. ❤ Send me a photo of what you doing at this moment.
  17. ❤ Buy me foods and movie tickets.
  18. ❤ Dance on your favorite song, record it and send me the video.
  19. ❤ You have to send me image of the last clothes which you wear last day.
  20. ❤ Mention two negative points which you disliked in me.
  21. ❤ Tell me the name of your first love.

WhatsApp Dare Game:

If you consider yourself a Music Luver then you will have to tell you the name of this 10 Hit songs.

  1. Yeh tero ahkhein jhuki-jhuki, yeh tera chehera khila khila.
  2. Humm tumm, ek kamare mein band hoo, auur chabi khu jaye.
  3. Chaandini tuh meri chaandini.
  4. Chaand tare phul aur kaliyaan, tumsi achaa kain hain?
  5. Dil chij kyaa hain Ap mere jjan lijiyeh.
  6. Char bajey gayi lekeen party avi baaki hain.
  7. Dekha hain pehli bar, sajaan ki aakhon main pyar.
  8. Fhir hath me sharab hain sach bulta hoon main.
  9. Lal lal huthu pey gaori kiisskaa nam hain.
  10. Raat ku bara bajey nikaaltaa hain, subaah ki Say bajey sham hoti hain.

Questions, Message with Answers WhatsApp Dare Game:

Dare Question:

Nichee main si in 15 different clues main humney “Bharat” seher ki name ko chupa rakha hua hain, name these cities by finding out.

  • 🌙D🏠
  • ❤li
  • ⛓🆕
  • ➡🚪
  • ⚫🔫
  • 🔥®🅰
  • 💣💃🏻
  • 🏛®U
  • 🕌 🛏
  • 🐷🌃
  • ♦🐍®
  • 🅿🍪N🅰
  • 👂🏻💨rrr…
  • 🌁🏔🗻🐍®
  • T🍪🐍®

Dare Message & Answer:

  • Chandigarh
  • Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Indore
  • Calcutta
  • Agra
  • Bombay
  • Bengaluru
  • Hyderabad
  • Surat
  • Itanagar
  • Patna
  • Kanpur
  • Srinagar
  • Tatanagar

Dare Funny Games & Answers of WhatsApp:

Dare Question: Choose any number that is provided below. After that, I will tell you the character of your future life partner.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,1 4, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 , 20.

Waiting for your response, reply it fast.

Answer of the Dare:

1: He/ She will always fights with you.

2: He/ She will always smiles at you.

3: Your future life-partner is romantic and a good kisser.

4: Each days are heaven with your life-partner.

5: Both of you together will make a best couple and are made truly for this world.

6: Your husband/wife will be truly loveable and caring person.

7: He/ She will get angry over small things.

8: Your husband/wife will be the most annoying life person.

9: Ur partner will always take free time out to spend quality-time along with you.

10: Ur spouse will treat you with love and care like he/she takes care of your kid.

11: He or She will take you to a special candlelight dinner.

12: She will cook your best food for dinner.

13: you will get surprised from him or her.

14: He will buy you a diamond necklace and ring.

15: You will get iPhone as a gift on your birthday.

16: Your bf or gf will buy you a pet as a special gift.

17: Romantic date on a beach.

18: Movie date of your favorite movie.

19: Your Bf or Gf will buy you your favorite clothes.

20: He or She will fall on his or her knees and propose you.

Dare Games of WhatsApp with Answers:

The question of the Dare: If there comes a time where I have to go far away from you and never come back? And in that moment, what would you say I will tell you, just choose any numbers from 1 to 30 and I will reveal what you are thinking.

Answer of the Dare:

  1. Please “Don’t Go”, leaving me here alone.
  2. May God Always Stay with you, and always stay happy.
  3. It is not possible to “stay without you”. Don’t leave
  4. Don’t leave me alone, I luv you. And I always want you to stay with me.
  5. Go to hell! Die and don’t come back to my life ever again.
  6. Do you really think? You can actually live without me.
  7. Sorry! I cannot live without you baby.
  8. Go to Hell! I don’t give a damn about you.
  9. I will always remember you & miss you thought out my life.
  10. Don’t ever forget me, do always remember me.
  11. Take a good care of yourself.
  12. Send me the funniest moment picture of yours.
  13. Peel a coconut using your teeth, record a video and send it to me.
  14. Do me a body massage for the whole day.
  15. Draw your face like a cat using marker, take selfie and send the image to me.
  16. Clean the surroundings of your neighbored and take a selfie.
  17. Record your voice of growling like a pig, and then send the voice note or audio to my whatsApp account.
  18. Write my notes for the whole subjects.
  19. Paint your face like a joker, and the send me the image.
  20. Tell me do you stare at girls/boys.
  21. What is the most silliest thing you have done in your whole life for which you’re regretted.
  22. Did you ever steal something from your friends or neighbor house?
  23. Tell me how many girls or boys you have kissed till now.
  24. Write a status “For you I am Dead” don’t talk with me anymore.
  25. Update your whatsApp status. And mention I hate to say that but you are so mean.
  26. The thing that i like most in you is smile, record it and

Smiley Dare Game of WhatsApp & Answers:

Dare Question:

Select any emoji that are listed below and get ready to complete the dare!

😗 😘 😚 😍 😙 😜 😝 😛 😄 😃 😀 😒 😊 😉 😳 😁 😭 😌 ☺ 😞 😣 😢 😂 😏 😪 😥 😰 😅

Dare Answer:

😗 You will have to set my DP. Also, put my status on your profile for 24 hours.

😘 Tell me about your nature which you have not told anyone else.

😚 Buy me “Chicken Burger” and deliver it to my house.

😍 Write “I lovee u” and mention my name on your WhatsApp status for 24 hours.

😙 What are the things that you like most about me?

😜 Send me the image of your first love.

😝 Write the name of the person whom you have kissed for the first time.

😛 Put my DP as your profile picture for 24 hours day and caption it “I Love You Baby”.

😄 Send me your sexiest images.

😃 Tell me the name of your first crush.

😀 When you think what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

😒 Whenever we meet give me a big hug.

😊 Write my projects & assignments.

😉 Send me a kissing selfie.

😳 Buy movie tickets for me.

😁 Lend me your laptop for 1 week.

😭 kiss on my cheek

😌 take me to KFC

☺ take me to your favorite place.

😞 Name of your love life

😣 Answer me will you marry me?

😢 Mention your biggest phobia

😂 catch a cockroach and take selfie

😏 clean my room

😪 send me your childhood pictures

😥 cook dinner for me tonight.

😰 Sing a song and send me the recorded audio

😅 send me your most favorite song music video

Dare Game of WhatsApp Dare – Girlfriend or Boyfriend:

Dare Question:

Select any of your favorite Alphabets ranging from A-Z, and make sure to complete this dare there is no stepping back.

Answer of Dare:

A – Since when you have started to follow me?

B – Take me to restaurant.

C – From today don’t talk to me 😀

D – Send me screenshot of your phone wallpaper 😀

E – Go to your phone contacts and “delete my phone number” right away: /

F – Tell me the name of the person of whom do you love?

G – Click photos of your sexy leg and send it to me.

H – Sing a song record it and dedicate it to me by putting WhatsApp status.

I – Take a selfie and send it to me instantly.

J – Call me tonight after 12 O’clock and say “I Love You”.

K – Take me to long journey in a car far from the town.

L – Send me the last picture you clicked with your Bf/Gf.

M – Upload my picture as your WhatsApp DP for 24 hour.

N – Tell me one thing which you have never told anyone?

O – Send me a voice note saying my name in a loud voice! (y)

P – Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t

Q – Mention my name and say that I cannot live widout U. And say “ I Love You” forever.

R – Be my Bf or Gf for 7 days and go to shopping with me.

S – Mention your Facebook account ID and password for 24 hours as your WhatsApp status.

T – Send me your picture with your college uniform.

U – Record your voice, say my name and mention that you live me like no else could and no one will ever be.

V – Tell me is that you who fart in Movie Theater last time.

W – Type I peed on swimming pool last Saturday.

X – Mention my nature in one single word.

Y – How do you learn my name?

Z – Send me a picture of you and your ex-lover?

Dare Questions: Here we will provide you name lists of color. You have to choose any of your favorite color that is given below. And then you have to do what the color says by checking on the answers.

  1. Black
  2. Grey
  3. Green
  4. Red
  5. Yellow
  6. White
  7. Purple
  8. Blue

Dare Answer:

Black: Put you bf/gf photo as your DP for 1 day.

Grey: Borrow a toilet paper from your neighbor.

Green: Reveal your secret to your BF/GF.

Red: You have to delete your bf/gf phone number.

Yellow: Stay without talking with your BF/ GF for 24 hrs.

White: You have to drink 1 whiskey in 5 minutes.

Purple: reveal the conversation that you have with your bf or gf in front of your friends in a loud voice.

Blue: Dial your dad phone number and introduce her with your BF or GF.

Dare Message of WhatsApp Challenge:

Question of the Dare:

This is a new Dare on WhtsApp, and here I’ll tell you about your life time partner character. Select carefully. Choose any Alphabet that is listed below:

A, B, C , D, E, F, G, H, I, J , K  , L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Answer of the Dare:

A – He/she is very caring and loving person. And you luck to have him/her.

B – Straight forward in nature and innocent, loving and caring. You will have to think thrice before you shout at him or her.

C – You will meet the best person and is very romantic in nature.

D – He or she is stylish in nature and you will always stay happily with him or her.

E – Annoying in nature but will be protective and loving.

F – Not good looking but good in heart and respectful person.

G – He/ She will always keep on fighting with you.

H – Will always keep on smiling at you no matter what the situation will be.

I – He or She will be very good at kissing and is always in a mood of romance.

J – He or she will be very good at cooking.

K – He or she will always get mad at you without any valid reason.

L – He or She will always show to you love care and affection.

M – He or She will be the most irritating person you will ever meet.

N – Will be always there for you to help even at your hardest times.

O – He or She will be your best friend and lover as well.

P – Will be there with you till the end of your life.

Q – Cannot live a single minute without you.

R – Selfish in nature always thinks only for himself or herself.

S – No fights, decent looking, cool and calm in nature.

T – Will not leave you at any cost, no matter what the situation is!

U – Always thinks the best for you and caring.

V – You are made only for each other, soul mate.

W – Admits his or her own mistakes to get over the fights.

X – You are the luckiest person to get him or her as a life long partner in your life.

Y – He or she will be helpful hand when you are busy doing works.

Z – Committed person and never steps back when he or she is in trouble.

Emoji Dare Game Question, Answers:

Choose any of the emoji that is listed below and play the dare game.

Question of the Dare:














Answer of the Dare:

💪💪 Propose me in front of the whole class.
👏👏 Send me a bunch of red roses.
👉👉 Buy me a brand new phone.
👊👊 Send me your recent photos.
✊✊ Pay my postpaid mobile phone bills.
👌👌 Buy me movie tickets.
✌✌ date me.
👐👐 take me to a long drive.
🙌🙌 kiss me on my cheeks.
🙏🙏 take a selfie and send it to me.
👎👎 who is your bf/gf?
👋👋 Tell me do you love me.
☝☝Wash my dirty underwear.

Emoji Dare Question: You will have to select emoji, and get ready to complete the dare challenge!!

😗 😘 😚 😍 😙 😜 😝 😛 😄 😃 😀 😒 😊 😉 😳 😁 😭 😌 ☺ 😞 😣 😢 😂 😏 😪 😥 😰 😅

Answer of the Emoji Dare:

😗 You will put my whatsApp DP on your WhatsApp account, and then set the status for 24 hrs.

😘 Reveal something which you have never told anyone, perhaps your biggest secrets!

😚 Give me a bunch of roses silk when u meet me in person.

😍 Mention my name on your WhatsApp status, type “I Love You” and keep it for 24 hrs.

😙 What are the things that you likes the most in me?

😜 Send me the photo of your college crush.

😝 Write on your status “I am going to commit suicide tonight”.

😛 Write on your status “I am going to get married”.

😄 Send me one of your funniest photo.

😃 Tell me the name of your Bf/Gf.

😀 What are the things that you don’t like in me?

😒 Hug me tight when you will meet me.

😊 Write my projects, home works and assignments.

😉 Write on your status I farted inside the classroom and I got caught by the teacher.

😳 Send me a movie tickets of 2 persons.

😁 Send me your favorite song and music video.

😭 Describe me in one single word.

😌 Take me to the place where you used to go often and buy foods.

☺ Tell me you top most secret which you have promised to tell anyone.

😞 Who was the first person that you have kissed in your life?

😣 Tell me the name of the person with whom you have fallen in love?

😢 Tell me about your love, describe him/ her in three words?

😂 Mention in your WhatsApp status, write that I am the most handsome/beautiful person and keep it for 24 hours.

😏 be my slave to clean my room, cook food and wash my dirty clothes.

😪 Send me your 3 favorite pictures from your phone gallery.

😥 Send me a bunch of fresh flowers right now.

😰 Send me your funny videos.

😅 write about me and mention that you cannot live without me.

 Hindi WhatsApp Dare Challenge Game:

 WhatsApp Dare Question:

Inme c koi bhi ek number choose karoo?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 , 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50.

Jaldi reply bhejo, aur tayar rehena dare complete karni ki liyeh. Main tumhari respond ki liyeh ruk raha hoo.

Dare Answer:

1- aaj shammku pani puri treat

2 – tumhari sabsi pyaari photo bhejo

3 – 24 gante ki liye meri nakar baana hoga.

4 – tumhari sab si badi secret batawo humey.

5 – Meri WhatsApp Dp tumhari Dp banawo 24 gante ki liyeh.

6 – Meri contact number tumhari phone si delete kaar doh.

7 – Tum mujh me kyaa badlaab dekhna chahung gi?

8 – Mujhe aaj bahar leke chaloo long drive pey

9 – 24 gante ki liyeh likho ki main pagal hoon apna WhatsApp status pe

10 – ek atchaa sa selfie leke mujhe turant send kardo

11 – Mujhe tumhari ek baat batawo, jisi tumne kisiko bhi naa bataya hoo.

12 – Mujhe phone karo aur batwo ki “I Love You”.

13 – mujhe ek favor kar doh

14 – Hum dono ki beech main, tum kya relationship bana ney chahungey.

15 – aaj shaam ko mujhe ice-cream khilana padega.

16 – mujhe call karo aur batawo ki “I Love You” bow bhi ekdam chilaki.

17 – Apna WhatsApp status main likho ki, “meri arrange marriage fix hogaya hain”, aur  kaalki date main shadi jar kar raho saab ko ana hain shadi main.

18 – tumhari crush ki ek taazveer mujhe bejho.

19 – Meri naam apna WhatsApp status main likhoo.

20 – tumhari aur meri naam apna WhatsApp status main likho aur 24 hrs ki liyeh rakho.

21 – Ek selfie loo jo kaam tum abhi kar rahi hoo apna ghar main.

22 – “I Love You” meri naam leki ek voice record karo aur group chat main bhejdo.

23 – Mujhe ek baat batawo jisko tumney kisiko bhi share aur naa bataya hoo.

24 – Tu meri baari main kya sooch ta/sooch ti hain woh mujhe batawo.

25 – Tu kisko pasand karta/ karti hain ush banda aur bandi ki naam batawo.

26 – Tumhari relationship ki secret ki bari main mujhe batawo.

27 – Hum dono ki photo ko ek collage main daal ki, tumhari WhatsApp dp main upload kardo 24 hrs ki liyeh.

28 – Mujhe der sade laal gulab bhejdo writings main likh ki “I Love You”.

29 – Mujhe ek chis jisko muhje karna chahiyeh.

30 – Meri naam tumhari WhatsApp pey likhoo ek din ki liyeh.

31 – tumhari maan fast food mujhe khilawoo.

32 – Movie date pe leke jaoo.

33 – Tumhari best friend’s ki contact number mujhe bhejoo.

  1. School main saab ki samney chilaa ki bolo “ I Love You”.

35 – Tumhari gf/ bf ki photo mujhe bhejhoo.

36 – Meri naam tumhari whatsApp likho, aur waha pey mention karna “I will commit suicide for you my love”.

37 – 5 selfie kich ki mujhe abhi send kardoo.

38 – Mujhe 1 week tak baad maat karna, aur text bhi maat bhejnaa.

39 – Mujhe date pey leki jao.

40 – Tumni last day ko kaunsi kapri peheni thi, uska photo click karki mujhe bhejoo.

41 – Koi ek baat bajoo mujhe, jisi tumne kisi ko bhi share naa kiya hoo.

42 – Tumhari sabsi badi weakness kya hain who bata mujhe.

43 – Item song dance karki, ek video record karki mujhe bhejdoh.

44 – Ek baat mujhe bolo, jisko tumney bohot bolni ki kosis ki hu. Phir bhi kabhi bol nehi paya who bad kehe doh.

45 – Meri bari ki ek line main bayan karo?

46 – Mera ganda kapri, kitchen ka bartan aur pura room saaf kardo ek din ki liyeh.

47 – Tumhari favorite fast food treat doh.

48 – Picture dikhani le chalo, aur saath main KFC bhi.

49 – apna shorts main photo kich ki bhejoh.

50 – Apni funny picture group main bhej dooh sabko.

WhatsApp Dare Question, Answer of Your Nature:

Dare Question:

Choose any letter that is provided and make sure to pick the letters from your name. Reply me! I will send you the answer instantly.

Answer of the Dare:

A – Idiot

B – Smart

C – Silent Killer

D – Lazy in nature

E – Self Dependent

F: Talkative

G: Childish

H: Arrogant

I: Selfish

J: Kind

K: Helpful

L: Honest

M: Evil

N: Wise

O: Jolly

P: Honest

Q: Quite

R: Good

S: Caring

T: Hot Head

U: Play Boy/ Girl

V: Decent

W: Faithful

X: Trustworthy

Y: Unreliable

Z: Coward

Partner Nature WhatsApp Dare Questions & Answer:

Dare Question: Select any of this Mobile function that is provided below. And I will mention about your future life partner nature.

  1. A) Contacts ☎
  2. B) Messaging 📩
  3. C) Camera 📷
  4. D) Media 📽
  5. E) Setting 🛠
  6. F) Apps 🎮

Answer of the Dare:

  1. A) Contacts – Talkative & Bold in Nature.
  2. B) Messaging – Caring & Loving in Nature.
  3. C) Gallery – Romantic & Thoughtful Person.
  4. D) Media – Social & Fun Loving.
  5. E) Setting – Selfish Person.

6) Apps – Boring & Unsocial.

Dare Game Question, Answer of WhatsApp for Lovers:

Dare Question: What is our relation, I will tell you just you have to do just select any alphabet from the list that is given below.

  1. Chocolate
  2. Sweets
  3. Pizza
  4. Drugs
  5. Burger
  6. Pain Killer

Answer of the Dare:

  1. You Are In Love With Me
  2. Best Friends Forever
  3. Good Friends
  4. Time Pass
  5. You Need Me
  6. Addicted to Me
  7. You Cannot Live with others except me

Dare Question:

For love birds we have 10 questions from A to J, select any of these question and then you will get the answer. And you will know what your BF/ Gf think about you?

  1. What are the things that you like the most in me? Answer ___________________
  2. What is the color that matches me? Answer: _____________________
  3. What is the relationship that you want to stay with me? (No cheating) Answer _____________________
  4. What is the nick name that you would like to call me? Answer ____________________
  5. What is my name in your phone book? Answer_____________________
  6. What is the thing you like the most in my nature? Answer _____________________
  7. Which song you would like to dedicate for our relationship? Answer ____________________
  8. How much would you like to rate my WhatsApp DP out 1 to 10?Answer
  9. What is the thing you hate the most in me? Answer____________________
  10. Which type of dresses do you think will suit on me most? Answer ____________________

Mind Blowing WhatsApp Dare Game with Questions/ Answers:

Dare Game Questions: Choose any numbers from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,24, 25, 26.

And then I will give you a task to perform, no cheating.

Answers of the Dare Game:

  1. You have to sing the chorus of any song in front of everyone on the street.
  2. Go in a crowd and paly your favorite song, dance on that song, record a video and then send it to me.
  3. Go to my kitchen, clean all the dirty utensils and rearrange them in its own place.
  4. Imagine the person next to you as pet and treat them like you treat an animal, and walk to your home straight.
  5. Visit a children park, imagine yourself like a dog and bark at each people come near to you.
  6. Look straight up at the sky and spit without moving from that position
  7. Go to the next classroom of your school and propose to any girl that comes in front of you, no cheating.
  8. Exchange your dirty underwear with your best friend and say thank you to each other.
  9. Paint a nail polish and face like a gothic girl, and go to school by wearing clothes in that way.
  10. Stay without breathing under water for 1 and 30 minutes, and you must do it.
  11. Come to my kitchen, prepare food for me and eat 20 chilies without drinking water or talking salt.
  12. In a crowd, pretend like you have seen a ghost and act like you are scared as hell.
  13. Go to police station, and propose any young police woman or policeman officer.
  14. Choose any girl/bf who wears black inside the classroom and propose him or her on your knees.
  15. Write a status on your social network account and mention “I want to become a pornstar”.
  16. Send a text message to your class teacher and propose her by saying “I Love You”.
  17. Before your teacher enters the classroom go to his chair and put your chewing gum on it.
  18. Rearrange all the messed up clothes accordingly and clean up my entire room.
  19. Say “I luv you” by mentioning the name of the girl you love, record videos and post it on Facebook.
  20. Stay silent for 24 hours and go to any place you want to visit, no matter.
  21. You will blindfolded, and will be given a task to you anything that is given to you.
  22. You will have to tie your shoe lace with any person who is next to you, and run together on the streets.
  23. You will have to drink 2 liter of water once at a time.
  24. Call any one from your contact list and say “I L0ve You”. And keep the phone without saying anything.
  25. Write the name of your love on the floor by using your tongue.
  26. Try to lick your elbow and if you can do it send me a selfie.

Truth WhatsApp Dare Questions:

Send these questions to your friends and give them. Tell them to complete each of these dare and get an interesting answer.

  1. What is the name of your crush in your friend circle, mention his or her name?
  2. What is the most romantic thing that you have did on your first date with your gf/bf?
  3. When was the first you have ever kissed a girl or a boy?
  4. What is the name of your present GF or BF?
  5. Tell me the name of the boy or girl whom you have dated secretly and never told anyone about it?
  6. Tell me do you believe in such things as love at first sight?
  7. What is your relationship status at present tell me are you single or not?
  8. What was the most embarrassing moments that has ever happened in your whole life?
  9. Tell me what is that secret that you never want to let your parents know about it?
  10. If today is the last day of your life what will be your last wish?
  11. Have you kissed any girl in your life?
  12. Have you ever steal something from your friends?
  13. Have you ever peed on your enemy’s gate?
  14. Did anyone get caught while you are kissing with your gf or bf?
  15. If you ever get a chance to marry anyone of your choice who it would be?
  16. What are the things that you mostly love to do when you are alone at home?
  17. What was the happiest thing that has ever happen in your life?
  18. At what age you have started drinking and smoking in your life?
  19. Do you remember who was the girl or boy whom you used to stare at school?
  20. Who have you hurt the most in your life?
  21. Did you ever get involved into fight with someone in your school days?
  22. What was your age you have started watching an adult movie in your life?
  23. Tell about your gf or bf in to 3 words, and explain about yourself too.
  24. What was the toughest moment you had while proposing a girl or boy?
  25. Tell me the weight of your body?
  26. Which country do you liked to visit the most with your gf/ bf?
  27. If you could change one thing on your body, what would it be?
  28. Tell me honestly how many BF or GF you have right now in your life?
  29. Which porn star would you liked to go on a date with?
  30. What are your childhood nickname and your friend’s circle name?
  31. What are the qualities that you would like to see in your future wife or husband?
  32. Have you ever seen someone naked in your life and who is that person?
  33. What are the best things you have and got caught for it in your life?
  34. What is your ugliest bad habit of your life?
  35. Why is the reason behind the break with your last BF or GF?
  36. Have your ever peed into a swimming pool?
  37. Did you ever take bath inside the bathroom without wearing your underwear or bra?
  38. Suppose you were left alone in a strange and unhabituated island with your crush what will you do?
  39. Have you ever spent a night with an unknown girl or boy in your life?
  40. Tell me any three things that you want to change in this world.
  41. Tell me how many times do you go to the toilet in a week?
  42. Tell me that you will make a promise that you will never lie to me?
  43. What was the first gift you gave to your gf or bf in your first relationship?

Hindi WhatsApp Dare Game:

Dare Question: In mey si ek number select karo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Dare Answer: Aur tuhari main job hi likha hoga usi tum pura karna padega. No cheating.

  1. Meri liye, koi bhi tumhari maan pasand ki hindi gana ki, ek line gado.
  2. Bahar jao aur, main toh pagal jane dey jane dey bulki ek gana gao, aur chalti raho baas.
  3. Ek khule jagey jao park ki aandar, aur loog ki samney aankhe baad karo aur
    “I Love You” Bolo.
  4. Meri kitchen main aah jao, aur jitini bhi ganda bartaan hain usko saaf kardo. And last main kahan bhi paka doh ek mast wala sabjhii item ki sath .
  5. Samaj lo ki tumhari saath main rehene wala dost, tumhari gf main ek paal ki liyeh. Aur uska gaal main tumhe ek papii dena hain.
  6. Manloo tum ek kuttaa ho, aur public main kutta ki tara sabki samni bhoku.
  7. Tumhe meri gaanda chadi wash karna padega.
  8. Apni dusman ki ghar ki samney jao aur muudh doh.
  9. Apni koi bhi ek ladka ya ladki dost ko call karo, aur propose karo.
  10. Mujhe ek love shape ka basket gift karoo.

Final Words:

Everyone is aware of the fact WhatsApp is perhaps the best place to have unlimited conversations and have fun. So, these are the huge collection of WhatsApp Dare Games (2018) Truth Questions, Messages with Answers. Pick any of the dare games that are listed above and start playing games by sharing it with your friends. We have all included all the types of WhatsApp Dare games for couples, lovers and question with answers. Try each of these dare games on WhatsApp and have funs with your friends and closed ones. We believe that you are going to get lost of entertainment which you can never imagine of.


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