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Whatsapp is one of the most famous and best messaging apps to date that almost every people across the world use to stay connected with your friends or family members. Now Whatsapp is not only a messaging, but it also is not lesser than any social media app, as you can do most of the thing through Whatsapp messenger like you can even get famous sharing viral content. As there are millions of Whatsapp users around the world you can easily viral any of the content if you can use Whatsapp wisely for your business. For doing all these things the most important thing you need to have on your Whatsapp is lots of groups where people around the world get connected in a single place. Talking about the Whatsapp group there are lots of Whatsapp groups that you can join and get or share content, now there are groups for a different category like travel, technology, news etc. So here in this article, we are going to share with some of the Whatsapp group links which you can join according to your choice just by clicking on the link. The best part is that in these groups you will find lots of people across the world, so now you are not till your mates or family, you can start your conversation with the stranger who has the same passion or hobby.

Now the Whatsapp groups are not only limited to your work or for getting viral, but it is also useful to keep yourself engaged with the outside world. As through the groups, you can start a conversation with any of the group member personally too and keep up your engagement. Also, you can use these groups for entertainment purpose to pass your time, as in the groups you will find lots of content to pass your time with. The best part is that you can easily enter or leave the group whenever you want, so if you are frustrated with all those content notification then you can exit the group by your wish. So overall it is going to be a very interesting experience to join these interesting Whatsapp groups across the world. So let’s have a look at the list of the Whatsapp group list that we have placed accordingly with the category like best, funny, love jokes etc.

We’ve also shared some best whatsapp group names ideas.

What do you mean by Whatsapp group links?

There are lots of groups in different social media platform, like in Facebook also you will find lots of groups which creates content and are very active. The same in Whatsapp platform also there are thousands of groups where there are at least hundreds of people and create their own content and go viral in social media. So to those groups, Whatsapp gives a personal link through which people can join the group without anyone adding. Simply click on the link and wait till the group admin accepts you and you will be added to the Whatsapp group, as easy as that. Leaving that kind of groups are also not a big deal, simply go to the group setting and exit the group and you are already out.

New & latest Whatsapp group links of 2018:

Here below you will get all the links to the Whatsapp groups that are recently created in 2018 and are super active. So if you want to join any of the group then you can simply click on the Group name and get yourself joined.

Movies masala Whatsapp group of 2018:

Here are the groups for Movie masala, so if you keep interest in keeping the news in what is happening in film industry then these groups are the must follow. In these groups, you will get all those masala news of all Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood etc.

Whatsapp Groups for Love & Friendships:

These Groups lists are for love and friendships, in these groups, you will find lots of people with whom you can be friends and there are many love birds too. You might love joining these groups, as there are lots of teenagers in these groups to whom you can talk frankly.

Funny Whatsapp Groups of 2018:

So here are the list of Funny Whatsapp groups that you can join in 2018. If you are looking for entertainment in Whatsapp or a group where you can share your own created jokes and get viral than these groups will surely help you out. All of the groups mentioned below are very active and you will find lots of people who are in the same field for a long time. So let’s have a look at the most funny groups of Whatsapp that you can ever find.

American Whatsapp Groups:

Here we are going to list down some of the famous and best American groups so that you can interact with people from  America sitting from your home. So if you are interested in making some foreign friends than these groups is the best groups that you can ever have on your Whatsapp list.

South-Indian Whatsapp groups list:

Technical Whatsapp groups of 2018:

Here the technical group means all those groups where you will find lots of people discussing all technical things that is going on trend. So if you are also a techy guy then you can also join the groups that are listed below. Here in these groups, you will not only find people from your country, but there are lots of foreigners who share their technical knowledge. This group is very informational, as you can know every information technology that is happening all over the world. So check out the list of the best technical Whatsapp groups of 2018 and join them asap.

Whatsapp group link for Traveller:

If you love to travel and read all those amazing travel articles then this group is for you, you shall join. Traveler from all over the world are added to these Whatsapp groups and they are very kind and helpful. If you want to know anything about any place then you can know from the group from travelers. The best part of these Whatsapp groups is that you will also come through many beautiful places that you have never thought of around the world, which will tempt you to go there. So have a look at the best traveler Whatsapp groups that you can join in 2018.

Whatsapp groups for health:

If you are health concious type of person and want to know about diseases, symptoms and stay aware of any unwanted diesease then these groups list are for you. The interesting thing is that there are even doctors here in these groups, so you can stay directly connected with famous doctors from all over the worl. Also you can discuss with them personally if you are having any issues, like other they are very kind and will surely help you

Food and Poetry Whatsapp groups:

Here below we are going to share the group list for all the foodies and poets, so that they can easily share their creativity in their respective fields to the world. Like the other groups, in these groups also you will find lots of people around the world in the same hobby and following their patience. So have a look at the Whatsapp groups of foodies and poets.

Whatsapp groups for Adults only:


So these are all the list of Whatsapp group where you can add yourself according to your interest. You will find group of all interest in the above like travel, business, foods, poets, health, funny and much more. The best part is that you can join any of the groups that are mentioned above and share your content and stay updated. This not only helps you in your work, but also you will stay update, as you will keep on getting every update as soon as anything happen at any corner of the world. Joining all these groups are very easy and simple, simply click on the group name and you will be taken to another webpage, after completing all the procedures and once the group admin accepts your application. You are IN the group and ready to go. So this is all, bookmark the webpage on your device, so that you can join any of the group that you want at anytime you want. Leave your comment on which group you have joined and why.


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